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Happy Saturday! It is heating up here in Colorado. Our yard looks thirsty which has me up in the early hours watering and coaxing the grass to stay with us. But in bigger news, we have drama in our backward. Yep, hummingbird drama. Our hummingbird attendance numbers are down this year. It appears the hummingbirds do not like the beverage station set up in our backyard. I think one of my neighbors must have top-shelf nectar.

And then there are the squirrels who love a buffet.

The squirrels who love these diy cakes. .

Sidenote: f you want a fun project with kids or grandkids or your girlfriends the bird cakes are a fun project

But back to the birds. I need hummingbird feeder tips, please! I am worried they may write a review.


  1. I cannot get into the show Yellowjackets. Is it just me?
  2. Loving this Amazon dress for summer. I wear it all the time!
  3. Everything here is on final sale at the LOFT. this weekend.
  4. I ordered this sleeveless shirt in my favorite shade of green! It is now under $10.00
  5. Speaking of short sleeves I loved the comments on this hack!
  6. My husband and I signed up for mixed doubles so stay tuned!
  7. One of us gets a little bossy on the court!



(and why I suggest an ottoman)


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  1. Hey Laura! Remove or paint over (with red nail polish or paint) anything yellow on your feeders – yellow attracts wasps, not hummingbirds. You probably knew that already. 🙂 also the Perky Pet saucer style does better in the wind. Have a great weekend!

  2. I love it, top shelf nectar! Hahaha … xo

  3. Tricia Becker says:

    This was hilarious! I didn’t even know there were hummingbirds in CO!
    Great shopping suggestions! What size j crew polo? That’s my favorite color!

  4. Hi Laura

    All my neighbors are also complaining that the hummingbird numbers seem to be down this year. perhaps our late snow and cold spring drove them back down south? I hope now that it is warming up they will return.

    Arrowhead Gold Course is public and the bar and grill is open to the public. It’s a nice place to have lunch. Fossil Trace Golf Course in Golden also has a very scenic Bar and Grill with a nice view.

  5. Sorry to hear about your hummingbird but I got no tips.
    I enjoyed Yellowjackets though more than a little disturbing at times. Not really a show you can binge. But you have to keep in mind that they are teenagers and are constantly making stupid decisions. And the adults because of their trauma are also stunned hence more stupid decisions.

  6. I haven’t had luck with hummingbird feeders. I rely on the flowers to attract them. I have to be quick to see them! I love that cute sleeveless polo top. The green is perfect! I hope you’re off to a great week!

    1. Thanks Heather! Looking forward to your next TJ haul! xo laura

  7. Laura.
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!
    We get the Reheat and Eat Dinners every Tuesday for dinner on Wednesdays and my son treats us to Take Home every Friday since he comes to dinner daily as he lives alone…The rest of the days, I cook…Love your Weekend Edit posts!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

    1. thanks for stopping by Debbie! I love the idea of a break from cooking-especially in the summer!

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