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Happy Weekending!

I am sitting at my kitchen island this morning, staring at the plastic food bins I bought at Marshall’s the other day. I had big plans to organize the salad dressing and condiments. Does anyone lose weight by switching to the low-sugar Heinz Catsup? The bins have not moved from the kitchen counter because Tuesday morning my son (this one) and I discovered a …

colony of ants. I will save the details for a future blog post. While researching ants I discovered, the irony, is that ants are organized. Maybe they can organize the catsup and mustard with the help of those plastic bins sitting on my counter.

What is on your to-do list this weekend?



A great reminder to shop your neighbor’s house (and vice versa) for items they no longer want, but they may be on your list! Here’s my find! Read the story below!

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  1. I love the sweater blazer, I just can’t think of fall yet. It’s pretty warm here and it doesn’t usually cool until mid to late October. 😎
    So as Bernese Mt. Dog and Bernedoodle dog owners simply rate as “nearly perfect in every way”? Haha.
    I hate ants. They always visit me unannounced and are happy with a single crumb of a cookie!
    Have a momentous week.
    Karen B.

  2. Ants are pesky, that’s for sure! I sometimes find spiders in my house occasionally but never ants. I imagine they find their way in from your foundation or doors. There are zillion products you can buy to destroy them–I’d just be cautious using some around your dog. Maybe you can spray the outside perimeter of your house and basement/window wells? Good Luck!

    PS: We have been watching “Suits” on Netflix and really enjoying it.

  3. We watched Suits when it came out.. I lost interest along the way but M watched it to the end.
    Good luck with the ants and the organizing.

  4. Eww David! I couldn’t see what you linked from JCrew. Now, I need to know!!

    1. Hi Heather, I reposted those two JCF finds on the Weekend Edit. I just got them and love the shoes and the sweater jacket! xo laura

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