Good morning! Sharing a little bit of me today.

If my kids read the Weekend Edit, there is a collective pause followed by “Oh God what is she going to talk about today?”

First, my father-in-law is 90 years young today! He is a graduate of the University of Nebraska Medical School and a retired colonel in the US Army. As a dermatologist, he treated the first AIDS patients in Colorado in the early 1980s. He has incredible stories and his passion to help others remains in him today. I won the lottery of fathers-in-law! Happy Birthday Don!

My husband found out yesterday his first boss passed away earlier this week.

It never occurred to me until just now but Rod’s dad and his first boss, Jack Chugden, were very similar in character. They supported dozens of women colleagues and physicians in their professional and personal goals. They were kind.

In some ways, we owe much of our success to Jack, Rod’s first post-college boss.

Jack changed the direction of our lives with a job offer for my husband, Rod. It was his first legit job with benefits and a company car. We were more excited about the company car than the dental plan.

In some ways, Jack is the reason we got married. Why? Because when my husband proposed to me he was underemployed.

My dad had concerns.

He called me from a landline before he and my mom were scheduled to board a flight.

My dad shared his concerns about my plan to marry a guy (who they loved) but who worked part-time at a golf course and lived with his parents.

Jack was the man who hired my husband for an entry-level sales job at Abbott Pharmaceuticals.

In a small world story, my husband discovered, during his interview, that he had been Jack’s paperboy. Upon realizing this Rod asked Jack about the broken screen door following an early morning aggressive toss of The Denver Post.

Jack recalled that the paperboy returned later in the day to repair his screen.

Jack remembered that paperboy.

Thank you Jack for hiring your former paper boy. You picked the right candidate.

You changed our lives and my dad slept better knowing his future SIL was employed and had a dental plan. And a Happy early birthday to my dad! I won the lottery with my dad (and mom) too. My dad is going to text me and ask me if he is the mega million or the scratch ticket. ;0)

Who played a part in the direction of your life?

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  1. OMG way to bring me to tears this morning with your blog! Loved hearing about the paper boy’s history. Sorry for the loss of Jack. How great to have good memories!

  2. Omg… I love your hubby paperboy story. You should think about sending it to the boss’ family. It will give them a smile. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, dear friend!!

    1. What a great idea! I’ll send you an email Katie-M

  3. Happy birthday to your father-in-law! I was a nurse in NYC and also remember the puzzle of the first AIDs cases we saw.

    So sorry to for the loss of your husband’s first boss, Jack. What an wonderful story about how they impacted each other’s lives and sealed your ability to get married too!

    One of my high school friends asked me to accompany her on a ski trip back in the ’70s and that is how I met my husband, so she inadvertently was a big influence on my life 🙂

  4. This is such a great tribute! I didn’t remember the story about Rod being Jack’s paper boy…of course Rod came back to fix it. I love that story! You have had a lot of great men influencing your life, Laura!

  5. Laura,
    Happy birthday to both you FIL and your Dad… Thanks so much for stopping in and for leaving a such a sweet comment!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  6. Hi Laura,
    Something is haywire with my computer. Your weekend edit came today (Friday). I believe it was from last weekend. I’m so glad I looked for it. What a wonderful story. I know there are some great people in our current world, but boy, those “best generation” folks are so often amazing. I was blessed to have married a man that followed the rules of being a gentleman, and lived that every day, setting a wonderful role model for our two sons. I lost him last year, but I think about (and miss) him every day.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Karen B.

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