Happy Weekending! We have an anniversary this month. As I highlighted our anniverary on my calendar so I wouldn’t forget ( do not judge) it got me thinking about a conversation with my husband about yard work. Every one in a while I will have a flashback to yard work as a teenager. I forgot about the yardwork drama and thinking of every possible excuse to get out of mowing the acre size lot. And then, the other day my husband asked

if I could help him with the yard work that had been pushed back because of all the rain. I looked at him with my sagging upper eyelids and told him no I could not help him for the next 12-14 days. It was out of my hands .. or maybe it was because of my hands.

I blamed it on my manicure.

If I cannot help with yard work or sanding mantels t is because my manicure is under twelve days old. It would be wasteful for that top coat to chip.

So when I told my husband I could not destroy my freshly shellacked nails he nodded in agreement.

He gets me.

Sidenote: In my defense, I clean up the dog messes of two 100-pound dogs because unlike hauling mulch, poop cleanup is not hard on my nails.

And this is why our marriage works. Happy Early Anniversary because chances are I will forget on the actual day!

And I wonder if freshly painted Revlon neon pink nail polish excuse would have worked with my dad.

QUESTION: How did you get out of household chores as a teenager? Please share in the comments for others to read or email me for my eyes only!

I loved reading about your first job stories.

Patriotic Wreath Idea


  • Thanks to many of your comments I returned to Mrs. Maisel. I am so happy I did.
  • We watched the last episode of Ted Lasso. I loved the Sound of Music sendoff.
  • Here is a list of farmer’s markets if you live in the Denver metro area.
  • Love these to keep my berries fresh! They are under $10 and look neat in the fridge!
  • Below I share how to stage a basement, loft, or bonus room. I am going to share the best tip here: take photos of a room that has you in a rut. Okay now go read the updated post below!
  • These Etsy prints are great to define a room (literally).
  • Listening to Carnegie’s Maid. Has anyone read it?


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  1. Such a sweet wedding picture of you and Rod, Laura. 💕 Escaping chores? Working as a lifeguard. 🙂

  2. I was a wuss and was afraid to try to get out of my chores. That was way back in the day when there was such a thing is accountability. My son, however, thought he had a brilliant idea that if he messed up the job or broke something while trying to complete the task, we would take over the job. He quickly learned that doing the job over as many times as it took or replacing the broken item out of his meager allowance was not a good idea. It was easier to do it the right way the first time.

  3. Tauni Whitley says:

    Dearest Laura and Hubby,
    Happy Anniversary!!
    Be it Garden Dirt or Poop Patrol … let no one put asunder💝
    Best Wishes,

  4. Hi Laura
    Happy Anniversary!
    Thank you for your birthday good wishes to my husband and I.
    My siblings and I worked a few part time jobs as teenagers so we were often out of the house, so chores were mostly done by our “stay at home” Mom, but all 4 of us kids would chip in when we could!
    Will it ever stop raining? Willl the dun ever dhine? My tomatoes want to know! Lol

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