I woke up super early Friday morning to cooler temps while Chloe and Elliott did their morning constitutional (Frasier reference) while my coffee brewed.

With the cooler early mornings, it just feels right to linger over a mug of coffee.


In other news, we moved our youngest into his college rental house. I considered contacting the landlord (a young graduate) and offering to split the cost of paint and labor. Evan’s basement bedroom walls are red. And to annoy me, he kept mumbling that word from The Shining.

I will share pictures when we are back there for Homecoming Weekend. In the meantime, I plan to practice making these for Thanksgiving.

If you are a long hauler at Everyday Edits you know I need to practice following the recipe.

With our empty nest status (again) I returned home to Colorado and scheduled movers to move furniture to the garage.

The baseboards were installed after this early spring project.

Yes, I decided for $135 it was worth paying two guys (or girls) to move furniture from one floor to another or from to the garage where I plan to sell them on Facebook Marketplace. I decided it was cheaper to hire movers for an hour than to to spend $400 in physical therapy because either my husband or myself pulled something.


Tip: Tell the movers you don’t need the 2-hour minimum and they will usually give you the hourly rate. 

I am on Season 7 of Suits. If you are a fan who is your favorite character?

Here is what is trending at my house based on my Pinterest boards, projects and internet searches. #wink

1. I shared my fall fireplace mantel. We have loved this space since building the library wall.

2. Please pin this upcycle idea for the Thanksgiving table.

3. This vegetable dish looks amazing. If you need a skillet this is my favorite USA brand.

5. File Sandy’s charcuterie boards under entertaining goals.

6. This is one of our favorite DIY projects and yes any of us can make it. We made our fireplace mantel from the same source.

fall fireplace mantel

What are your plans for the weekend? I plan to haul out the pumpkins and do some deep cleaning now that baby Evan is back at school. Here is a fun read on how to stay connected to our adulting kids.

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  1. Let me know how the collagen works. I keep thinking I should start taking it. I can’t believe (jealous) that it beginning to feel like fall/Indian summer already. If we aren’t done with our morning constitutional by 9 am, we can’t go until 9pm! Great post, Laura!

    PS-I’ve been reading your posts; just have not been commenting!

  2. I hope you get to paint Evan’s room! Red Rum won’t do! LOL But it sounds like y’all have a similar relationship like me and my kids. They love doing stuff like that. Thank you for sharing my lantern diy. It was so easy! Have a great week.

  3. This will be me next week. We leave tomorrow to drive our girl back to Boston. I’m looking forward to enjoying Boston as our trips are numbered. Red walls in a basement room sounds interesting. I’m sure he’ll make it work. I need to see what fall decor I kept..I’ve been slowly downsizing and purging. That was smart to hire movers to move the heavy stuff!! I hope you have a great weekend!

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