The Weekend Edit | Empty Nest Status Change


Be careful what you wish. My empty nest status was short-lived. Earlier this week, both of my boys’ schools shut down and students were instructed to pack up their essentials and return home.

Both required last-minute plane tickets and the contents of their dorms were left behind … because this was only going to be for a couple of weeks.


And, just like that my boys were asleep in their childhood bedrooms with their Jamboree blankets and Mr. Moose. I know their worlds are turned upside down and their social lives are reduced to Snap Chat. Both boys miss their friends and the freedom that comes from campus life.

But, selfishly, during this “staycation” (quarantine period) I sleep a little better knowing they are home.


And, in other great news… Chloe and Elliott are ecstatic to have their brothers home. In fact, they love to race up the stairs and barge through their brothers’ doors to wake them up for kibble. Chloe loves to sleep under Evan’s ceiling fan while he studies!

And, just when I got used to downsizing my shopping list; I have a list of food and dessert requests. Good to know that shelf-stable carbs are still available on the shelves at Kroger. Cheeze-its anyone?

And, all of a sudden I realized I got an unexpected gift of time with my boys. I curbed my anxiety and stimulate the economy with a quick trip to the shoe department at Nordstrom. I thought these were a fun pair of shoes (in orange) at Nordstrom, but based on my daughter’s visceral reaction they may be going back. If you have a minute take a look at these and click orange. They are also listed below in my shop favorites collection!

So, now I am on the fence. Would love your opinions.

So between scheduling and canceling flights, I found a few things this week.


Better Call Saul Season 4

Waiting for Ozarks. I love Jason Bateman.


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  1. So the chicks are back in the nest! I know what you’re talking about when it comes to sleeping better. I hope that the transition period is a smooth one. Enjoy your week, Laura.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Katie! Did you read Hugh’s article? It is a good one.
      I think my older college son is already ready to go back to his rental in MN! ha!

    1. HI Marty! Yay! I love the orange shoes! I screenshot the votes from my Stories to my daughter! ha!
      Stay healthy! laura

  2. We’re losing our empty nest status too! What a mess but I’m looking at the silver lining of more family time!

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