It’s happening. My middle (my lefty) graduates this weekend from college. He is a senior (fourth year) at the University of St. Thomas (the one in Minnesota not the one on a beach).

He packed more into four years than I packed into ten.

With a course load heavy on late-night labs, he managed to play and captain the school’s tennis team and volunteer at Ronald McDonald House. He loves dogs.

We can’t wait to see where Erich’s drive and ambition lead.

Source: Photo by Duanna Matthys

I love you Erich to the moon and back.  I am so glad God picked me to be your mum.

I think Auntie Tricia was next in line.

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  1. Hi Laura… Love the pics and trip down memory lane with your blog projects. Such a cute pic of you and your son. Just realized I wrote you an email and forgot to send it. I also announced to the world that this was Memorial Day weekend. Have a great weekend.

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