Happy Weekending!? Denver had a hot minute of warm temps followed by snow this week. My puffy vest will be on repeat until Memorial Day weekend. My daughter put me in charge of the wedding cake for her wedding. I am already overwhelmed with the definition of one-tier. My daughter and I were texting over how many layers are in one tier and to me it sounds like a trick question on a pop quiz on a Friday afternoon.

Thank you for your suggestions on our new tenants.



Shop Notes: Organize your fridge with these glass storage containers. We ordered these solar lights for our side yard. My sister ordered them too and loves them too! They are not the prettiest, but they are effective and great for those not photo-worthy spots in your yard, but you want a little glow. I love the pillow covers on Etsy. Click below to get to all my favs! .

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  1. There’s nothing like walking out the front door, feeling a smidge of warmth, and thinking, “ahh, Spring.” Only to be followed by RATATATAT in the stucco! Yes, Woody has set up a condo complex at our house. We don’t know what to do either. Someone suggested a pellet gun, but that seems like it could badly derail. I look forward to your responses!

  2. Tricia Becker says:

    For the love of God….I am begging you to stop posting J Crew and Loft links!!! It’s costing me a fortune. I have a plan though…I’m deducting how much I spend from the amount I pay for Ashley’s wedding gift.
    Hilarious post!

  3. Laura,
    I love nature and the little furry and feathered friends around our house. I’m not sure about a woodpecker…is he actually pecking on your house? The squirrel looks familiar. We have his cousins all around our home and if I fed them, I’d have them as best friends. Haha.
    Have a wonderful upcoming week.
    Karen B.

  4. Ah, spring chores! All the snow finally melted in our backyard and we were left with pile upon pile of deer poop! Yuck! That chore clean-up is not fun. My husband cut branches off our flowering pear tree and some lower pine tree branches so we have to chop them up to place them in a garbage can. I started my tomato plants from seeds inside by a sunny window a few weeks ago and they are already growing–love seeing things grow from seed.
    I heard if one buys a big plastic owl ( I think Lowes sells them, or search online ) and places it near where the woodpecker visits it will scare it away. The owl has to change positions now and then or else the woodpecker will figure out it is fake. Other sources recommend hanging or placing objects that reflect light, move, or make a sound. You might set up pinwheels or hang old CDs or wind chimes.

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