It was a great weekend to celebrate our youngest child’s graduation. We hosted a party with his friends and parents at a local brewery. After an assortment of White C, a house Chardonnay or a Red Blend, we packed the last of Evan’s 27 college t-shirts and 1/2 dozen pairs of grey sweats into Ikea bags with 40-pound weight limits.

And then Mother’s Day showed up. So here is to my mom all the moms, dog moms, grandmothers, aunties, and friends. Women who show up for each other to listen, vent and make us laugh until we cross our legs into bendy straws to keep us from tinkling.

Remember you cannot spell mothers without others.

Shop Notes: Organize your fridge with these glass storage containers. We ordered these solar lights for our side yard. My sister ordered them too and loves them too! They are not the prettiest, but they are effective and great for those not photo-worthy spots in your yard, but you want a little glow. I love the pillow covers on Etsy. Click below to get to all my favs! .

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  1. Happy Mother’s Day. Congratulations to your son! I hope you’re able to relax tomorrow, maybe served breakfast in bed! 😊
    Karen B.

    1. Thank you Karen!
      Ha! WIth two Bernese Mountain dogs that would be a disaster! Ha!

  2. Happy Mother’s Day, Sissy! I hope at least one of the kids is around to celebrate you!
    I have been waiting for the hammered gold bracelet from JCF to go on sale for months! It hasn’t even made it to clearance yet so no extra 60% off yet!
    I love the decoupage link-I remember doing that many moons ago and loved it.
    Thanks for the links!

    1. Carol is a blog friend and she has fun craft ideas! xo laura

  3. Happy Mother’s Day, Laura and congratulations to you all on the graduation. It’s a huge accomplishment!!

  4. Congrats on your son’s graduation and a Happy Mother’s Day.
    Our library has a wonderful collection of audiobooks available.. all free of cost.

  5. Congratulations and Happy Mother’s Day!! I just went to read the wedding band saga!

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