Good morning! Thank you for your sweet messages about our Chloe.

Elliott is adjusting to not having a chaperone every time he goes outside. Our neighbors found him on their back patio looking into their breakfast nook.

I found Elliott outside my husband’s home office, while Rod was on a Zoom call, with his tail wagging back and forth like the rotating brushes at the self-service car wash.

In other news, we won the lottery.

My husband bought lottery tickets for last-minute stocking stuffers. When he entered his numbers into the lottery database (I have no idea what he logged into) the auto-generated informed him he needed to redeem his ticket at the point of purchase.

Because this is where the owner of the store gets his or her photo with the lucky winner (Rod).

So of course I knew we had won life-changing money. Rod drove down to Castle Rock where he had purchased the ticket and I patiently waited for his call telling me our lives were about to change and us going into lockdown until we lined up our accountant and financial planner. We agreed not to tell the kids.

In hindsight, he should not have told me anything until it was confirmed. That’s how the big winners announce the news.

We won 34.00 dollars.

Which paid for our two cocktails at Perry’s Steakhouse in Lone Tree, Colorado.

I cleaned up my Amazon Storefront if you want to take a look. I may receive a, very, very small commission if you order from my Store. No lottery ticket kind of money!

Still my favorite reading glasses: Make sure to choose the correct strength.


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  1. So what was the same gift you got all the boys in your family?

  2. Happy New Year, buddy! Thank your daughter for me – I just downloaded the book. Unfortunately, I have no goals on my list. So this is the year that E moves to Dallas? Is it still on? Perry’s book is very good but heartbreaking. Got to go and take care of my household duties. Ugh. Have a great weekend!!!!

  3. Tricia Becker says:

    I can’t believe the scarf is from J Crew. I promised myself I wasn’t going to click those links. Please put a trigger warning.
    I love the glass plate idea!!! You could put a simple image on one said and trace it…like my favorite-BUNNIES!
    Cannot figure out what you gave the boys in your life-Stitch-Fix subscription?

  4. I have a few more episodes of the Crown left. I got distracted and started watching season 5 of Fargo which is also so good.

  5. I love a scarf that can be a throw too! I had a hard time getting through the last season of the Crown. I hope this season is better! What gift did you get everybody!

  6. Tricia Becker says:

    Favorite drink-tequilla with diet tonic and lime juice! It’s not sweet and it’s fizzy!
    Perry’s book is not at our library!!!
    I can’t believe you use Walmart!!!

    1. Walmart delivery is great for bulky items. No impulse buys at the store!

  7. Happy New Year. I laughed out loud at the story of the big win with the lottery ticket. Great post and I especially like your cure for floor issues of residue of any kind. I use Dawn and love the newer products. A spray called Dawn Powerwash. It’s pretty amazing.
    I enjoy a glass of wine in the evening, or if the family is visiting sometimes I’ll join my son having with an Old Fashioned.
    Have a great week.
    Karen B.

    1. Thank you Karen! I really thought the message to return to point of purchase meant big money. I kept checking my phone for a missed call from Rod! Rod loves an Old Fashioned!Have a great week! xo laura

  8. $37 is better than $0 so I’d still call it a win and nice that you went out and got yourself some cocktails.

  9. Haha…I was waiting for you to tell us you were moving to the south of France, but cocktails are good, too!! Thanks for sharing my flowers. You’re the best!! ❤️

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