Happy Weekending! My weekend started with a conversation Friday night with a guy named “Mike” with Amazon customer support. Have you heard of the Amazon password quiz?

Neither had I until I got locked out of my Amazon account. Because I could not identify the last four digits of the credit card on file in my Amazon account I was informed I had to take a quiz.


I ended up on a call with a customer support representative Mike on a Friday night. Mike informed me I needed to answer three account verification questions to regain access to my account. I breezed through the first two questions.

The final round, I mean the final questions, required I answer three questions correctly to get back into my Amazon account.


Customer support Mike:

“Laura, what were the three most recent items you ordered on Amazon?”

This was more nerve-racking than a pop quiz in geometry. There was an Amazon order at stake. I asked Mike, what happens if I flunk the quiz?

Mike: Excuse me, Laura, what happens if you??

Me: Flunk, flunk, fail the quiz I ask jokingly because this call was recorded for training purposes.

Mike assures me not to worry if I fail the quiz. It will not impact my GPA. Wink.

My shoulders relax, slightly.

Okay, Mike. I’m ready.

  1. Kelly Green pillowcases – Yes Laura that is correct
  2. Um. I hope I don’t have to say the words beige bras ( 6 for $14.95) to Mike.
  3. Instead, I enthusiastically yelled out I ordered a six-pack of reading glasses!
  4. Yes, Laura, that is correct.

Okay, very good Laura. Now I just need one more item you recently purchased.

And then Mike throws me a lifeline.

Laura, what is the last streaming service you ordered?

I shout out Yosemite, but I meant to say Yellowstone, but I meant to say 1923 with Harrison Ford. At this point, I am on the phone version of the Price is Right.

And then Mike clarified he needed the name of the streaming service, not the show title or the actor who played Jack Ryan in Patriot Games.

I shout out every streaming service I can recall from the home screen when I nail it with Paramount +, Mike. It would be Paramount +And, I can see Mike’s smile over the phone as he joins me with an enthusiastic

Laura, … that is correct!

And just like Mike refreshed something on his side of the screen and waited for me to confirm I could log in to my Amazon account. And then you know what happened?

I forgot what I needed to order 14 minutes earlier.

What is the last thing you ordered on Amazon?

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  1. Hilarious story, Laura. I can’t believe you actually talked to a person at Amazon. I thought it was run entirely by robots. Love the cabinet pull paint idea, too.

  2. Laura, as I read your post I kept thinking to myself I am going to fail! I cannot remember the last item, much less the last three I ordered!
    Off to check out your links!
    Happy weekend.

  3. Last thing I ordered on Amazon…the wreath you linked to! Every Saturday morning my (John’s if it’s on Amazon) credit card gets charged around 10AM. You have to stop.

    The JCF version of the ruffle shirt is a lot better than the Loft’s. It will be gigantic on you. Get an XS in the JCF too. I love it and will layer it until it warms up (Thursday in the 70s)!

    Love the story about Amazon-glad they have great customer service and you talk to an actual person.

  4. Hah—I know it can be an adventure speaking to online representatives! The last thing I ordered on Amazon? It was a tax program my husband asked me to buy so he could do our taxes online. Before that, I ordered some food items which I frustratingly can’t find in Colorado and really miss. I also use a website called Yummy Bazaar for ethnic Italian food items that I miss being able to buy locally.

    I love green but don’t have much of it in my wardrobe–I will have to look at The Loft

    Have a good week– it’s nice spring-like weather until the next snow storm…lol

  5. Laura,
    I laughed out loud when I read about your encounter with Amazon. I think the only way I could have answered the last three things I had ordered would be a Catch 22. If I could access my account I could tell you, otherwise I often forget what is in the delivery they drop on my front step. Haha.

    Are you enjoying 1923? I love it. Violent but well written and the acting is great.
    Karen B.

  6. I had to look to see what I last ordered–the dickies and a drawer for our Nespresso pods! I have a few things in my cart but I like to give myself a few days before hitting buy now! I loved that Amazon story. 🙂 The kelly green shirt is so fresh. Will be great for Spring and St. Patty’s Day too. We are INTO The Last of Us. It is so good and we know nothing about the game. Highly recommend!

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