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Watching the dramedy titled Julia about Julia Childs inspired me to try one of her recipes. With plans to buy Mastering the Art of French Cooking, I thought it would be fun to make Julia Child’s Roast chIcken recipe. But that would have required a trip to the grocery store and I told myself I should buy her a cookbook before diving into a raw chicken.

Also, I only had the ingredients to make either honey-roasted pecans. So in honor of Julia, I decided to make homemade roasted pecans. A perfect accent to a summer salad.

I took photos, which in hindsight should have been a clue of how a three-ingredient recipe can go sideways if I am in the kitchen.

As I sat at the kitchen counter on a pre-dawn morning I began a blog post to share a homemade recipe for honey-roasted pecans. I started with a confident title


And as my fingers danced around the keyboard as I typed the word p-e-c-a-n-s in the title I thought that’s not right…

I used walnuts.

And It gets better…

I made this recipe twice.

I burned the first batch of toasted walnuts.

And that is how I screwed up a 3 ingredient recipe. But after watching the HBO Julia Child’s limited series, with a familiar cast, I thought about how Julia would have counseled me. My version goes something like this: Mrs. Childs’swould has pulled me in for a generous hug, leaned down (she was over 6′ tall) and whispered in my year, and told me to start with the Better Homes & Garden Cookbook.

Or maybe she might have suggested I start with this cookbook that includes a recipe on how to boil an egg.

Maybe I should stick to this family-favorite pecan roll recipe.


Please share a recipe disaster! I need to know it’s not just me.




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  1. Hey, Laura—walnuts, pecans — it’s all nuts in the end–lol!

    My mother always told us she “did not know how to boil water” when she married. My father, meanwhile, was a fabulous cook! My worst cooking experience was a store-bought disposable aluminum pan that sprung a leak under a turkey and started my oven smoking one Thanksgiving. After that, I invited in a big quality roasting pan!

    We enjoyed the HBO series “Somebody, Somewhere” It portrays the lives of a bunch of adult misfits living in Kansas who bond together in friendship because they are “different” and understand each other’s struggles. The characters become endearing as the series progresses, like Schitt’s Creek, which was hysterical if you have not watched that series.

  2. Nuts are so easy to burn. Don’t beat yourself up about it too much. I need to check out that show. I’m sure I’ve had plenty of recipe disasters. Usually burning myself or something on the stove. Hubs dropped an entire pizza and pizza stone on the floor. I was more upset about losing the stone but we were able to find the exact one on ebay. Thanks for the shout out! I hope you had a great weekend!

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