So .. in big news…

I started the week with a sewer repair on a new listing. Oh and in bigger news….

I gained the most amazing son-in-law (SIL).

It’s official Daniel can now be in the family Christmas photos! The wedding was nothing short of an amazing evening celebrating with family and friends from both coasts and everywhere in between from age five to ninety-one!

The photos and videos are hitting my inbox like bath bombs- so many colors, and smiles!

It is a bit of a blur and we are still feeling the fatigue. It’s like daylight savings over back-to-back weekends. My husband’s father-of-the-bride toast was nothing short of amazing!

My daughter’s besties (and fellow Swifties) crushed it with a fun nod to Daniel’s pending commercial pilot career news. More on that news later in the month!

In their speech to Ashley and their bestie Emma and Hannah gave a shout-out to Everyday Edits.

The wedding was in Sedalia. It was built as a private golf course by the guy who founded the real estate company that rhymes with WeMax.

Judging by the photos it looks like one of my boys enjoyed the open bar only the way a just graduated college student appreciates drinks that don’t cost him $20.00 in the city.

It was kind of like Taylor Swift was a bridesmaid at their wedding. The girls have grown up to Taylor Swift (it was Ashley’s first concert). It was only fitting the last dance was Romeo and Juliet.

I will do a wedding details dump later, but here is a sneak peek of their photos from the wedding.

In between the rehearsal dinner, wedding, and brunch ( forgot to use these glasses I bought for the brunch) my sister helped me get my house ready for fall.


What is the last thing you forgot you bought?



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  1. Congratulations! What a wonderful way to spend a weekend…full of family and love. The photos are beautiful, best of luck to the happy couple!

  2. Hi Laura
    Such a beautiful wedding and lovely photos. Congratulations to the new couple, and congratulations to the two loving families that made them who they are!

    My oldest grandson went to a High School Homecoming dance with his best girlfriend from babyhood days today! i remember walking around Stanley Lake along with both of their mothers, when they were babies in strollers. It made me very nostalgic and made me feel older than my knee pain reminds me every morning! 🙂

  3. It was an AmaZiNg wedding, so so is that photo of Daniel and Ashley! John and I found one another singer Shake It Off throughout the week!

  4. Congratulations. Your daughter looks beautiful.

  5. OMG, the wedding pics are beautiful. We just saw the side of your dress. You need to post pics of you. The bride and groom – quite a stunning couple. You are going to have gorgeous grandbabies! I read Bright Beautiful Creature and I absolutely loved it!!! Can’t wait to see more pics. Have a great week. Are you watching The Morning Show.

  6. Tricia Becker says:

    I love the photo of Daniel and Ashley looking at one another! So pretty!
    John and I both look at each other when an Amazon box ,that doesn’t make the dog bone order sound, not knowing who it’s for and what it is…every. single.time.

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