Finally, it is warming up in Colorado. Well until Monday and apparently we have snow in the forecast. Colorado’s 2nd fake spring.

We are watching Queen’s Gambit. It almost makes me want to learn chess or Russian.  One of my best friends from Ohio and I caught up over the phone and somehow we got on the topic of facial procedures. I tell my kids my face (or neck) is not going down without a fight. #wink

Of course, the funnier face is the one my daughter makes thinking she is genetically destined for the same issues. I blame my mother and she will too. ;0)

In-house news, the floors and baseboards are done! We have had contractors in and out of our house since early March. It’s not the stress of them as much as the stress of Chloe and Elliott freaking out every time the front doorbell rings.

I know, I know. First-world problems. My kids remind me constantly. Grateful heart every day.


  1. My daughter ordered this cute summer outfit.
  2. If you are curious how I know what she ordered read this funny family story.
  3. Any Bloglovin’ techs out there? My Bloglovin page has not updated since February.
  4. Leslie steps up her protein-packed energy balls with flaxseed.
  5. It’s similar to this recipe but this one has coconut.
  6. Check out this garage door makeover.
  7. Katie is one of the funniest bloggers and she has great book & show reviews.
  8. Check out this garage door update with paint.
  9. My son needs a summer rental in Minneapolis maybe he could stay here.
  10. Enter here for a chance to win a tiered tray.
  11. These just came in the mail for the bbq season.



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  1. Talk about a post full of good things…love that MN condo!

  2. So many good links! That photo is great! I loved The Queen’s Gambit!!

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