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Happy Saturday!

Quick question? Are dogs allergic to nuts?

Elliott (our Berner rescue) is recovering from an allergic reaction of unknown origin. I shared his symptoms in my Stories over the weekend. This is the face he makes at the vet.

Do they make epi-pens for dogs? Elliott may need a little epi-puppy pen until we figure out the source of his allergy. Here is what went down:

The other day I reached into the back seat (which I will never do again after watching the first episode of this amazing show with Bryan Cranston) and I spilled my Realtor life container of mixed nuts.

When I got home I scooped up a handful on the floor of the backseat and just tossed the mixed nuts into the driveway for the birds. Now I am wondering if Elliott got into them and had an allergic reaction.

This is Elliott finally settling down with our favorite blanket to fight over in the family room. With that face I might buy him his own blankie.

My husband told me he wants to get a ….. paint sprayer. What could possibly go wrong?

Here is a peek of our living room this week.

My husband has many talents but apparently, the one that will have the ladies lining up at the door (or on a dating site in the event of an “accidental incident with his first wife (me), is for his carpentry skills.

And, the busier he is with work the more he whittles away in his garage.

Last week I shared these ideas for our 2 story living room wall. I was so excited until he mentioned a paint sprayer.


Anyone from Colorado? 

I have a flurry of first-time home buyers and these young professionals are getting shut out of the Denver real estate market with appraisal gaps, cash offers and buyers waiving inspections. My daughter who owns a condo in downtown Denver is getting nervous that she may have to live with us (again) to save money to buy a future home.

Movie and Book Critic

I follow and I am a friend to a blogger who gives the best movie, shows and book reviews. Stop by Katie’s blog and tell her Laura sent you over for her favorites. I have a Pinterest board dedicated to Katie’s suggestions.

Vegan Recipes

I started a vegan board because of another blog friend, Heather who shares great recipes and Trader Joe’s finds. Tell her Laura sent you!

Tiered Tray Inspo

If you want the sweetest blogger who is as adorable as she is kind, please stop by Andrea’s blog.

I bought this tiered tray because of Andrea’s amazing holiday and seasonal tiered trays.

This is my version… #goals.

Mountain Home Envy

If you want a little mountain home you have to check out Jennifer at Town and Country where she shared this home and a few more.

Instagram Prompts

Having commitment issues with Instagram? Joanne Hawker shares free, monthly printables to get you on track. 

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  1. My husband has many talents but painting is not one of them. I’m not going to mention the sprayer to him. Even though we are not in a house yet, it hasn’t stopped him from buying tool gadgets. Thanks for the shoutout, Laura. I am on my way over to purchase a tiered tray. Have a great week. PS I hope that Elliott feels better!

  2. Thanks so much for the shout out! I will check out your vegan board. The paint sprayer story has got my attention! I hope Elliot is ok. That face!! I’ve heard that about first time home buyers being shut out, I think it’s everywhere. Crazy!! I hope it was a great weekend. Love that tray!

    1. Thanks Sweetie! That’s good to know about the real estate market! Happy Monday!

  3. Glad to hear that your fur baby is recovering!!
    how scary that must have been!!
    Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and by letting me know that you did by leaving such a sweet comment!!
    Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

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