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The story of a homemade bookcase

Last summer my parents had a family-only garage sale in their basement. It was the last chance for us kids to take their treasures before Goodwill became the lucky recipient of 1988 Ansel Adams framed pics, paperback books, and a Michigan shot glass. But standing in the middle of the room was a handmade Mid-Century Modern-Inspired bookshelf.

I could not let this vintage bookcase go to Goodwill, but more importantly, I did not want my brothers to snag it. I stuck a yellow sticky on this handmade bookshelf to claim it.


This is a story of handmade furniture that traveled from southern Illinois to Omaha, to Colorado over a span of 50+ years. It is about a father and his daughter and a mother and her daughter.

This mid-century-inspired bookshelf was a gift from my grandfather to his daughter (my mom). He made it for my mom and dad’s growing family.

Decades ago, my grandparents loaded my grandpa’s handmade wood bookshelf into the trunk of their red wine blend color Chevy and drove 430 miles from southern Illinois to my parent’s first home in an Omaha suburb.

Some of you may remember my reference to Omaha in a Weekend Edit.


But once home, the bookcase took refuge in our unfinished space where it collected crafts and empty gift boxes until we completed this remodeled on the main level.

And then I got an idea for our remodeled living room, with a DIY library wall, fireplace, and refinished floors. The measurements and scale of the bookcase were perfect for an awkward space, beneath the stair landing.

It turns out the bookshelf was patiently waiting all these years for my grandfather’s handmade Mid-Century inspired bookshelf.


I cleaned it up and polished the wood. It reminded me of the furniture Lucy and Ricky Ricardo had when they moved to their farmhouse in Connecticut.

And check out the legs on this bookshelf.

They are called Eiffel legs. And I couldn’t believe how similar they were to these retro-looking chairs I found at Homegoods.



I knew then this bookcase had found its forever home.

It is adjacent to views of Pikes Peak and sits across from my husband’s handmade library wall. Two craftsmen joined together by their love of DIY projects and pine over the span of almost 100 years.

A living room that struggled to find itself until these chairs and this bookcase found each other. Only then did the room feel complete.

My mom saw the bookshelf over the holidays. She teared up to see her dad’s handmade piece of furniture find its forever home in his granddaughter’s home for future generations to enjoy in their homes.

I cannot wait to decorate this bookcase for the holidays and seasons. Please pin and share to your Pinterest boards.

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  1. Tricia Becker says:

    Wow! Grandpa is up there smiling down on you! It looks great! And I love the blue and white decor on it!

    1. thanks sissy! I know I am glad I took it. Of course, dad has a childhood dresser drawer he wants me to take!


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