Sharing the secret to branch centerpieces this fall

This month was all about decorating with branches from our own yards. Good thing I always have something that did not survive my green thumb.


  • Lantern
  • Blanket
  • Twigs, Branches
  • Pumpkins
  • Basket
  • Shoes

My focus was heaving on shrubs, scrub oak and a metal urn.


As I looked out the kitchen window, with more leaves on the ground than on the trees, I was worried. And then I decided I just needed to wander my yard.


A walk around the house was just the thing to find a few shrubs that had plenty of stems with leaves in every Crayola fall-inspired color.

That’s how I thought of my search for branches. Unfortunately, a few shrubs had more branches than leaves. I grabbed my shears and removed the dead branches.

I grabbed a few branches, with and without leaves.

Tip: dead branches are just as pretty as leafy branches.

The dead branches gave a more earthy feel to my urn. And the best part, a dead branch is not going to drop its leaves.


This metal urn was itching for branches.

I chose something sturdier because the weight of the urn could sit on the the sofa table.

Like most of these challenges I have to work around Elliott (our farsighted, barnyard, Bernese Mountain dog rescue.


This raffia/wicker pumpkin was perfect for my branch centerpiece in the family room.

The pumpkins added color and texture to a blank wall in the background stay tuned for this blank wall makeover). That’s all wall behind the urn.

Well, I had a few leaves float to the sofa table behind the family room couch.

Sidenote: Do you say couch or sofa? Just curious if it’s a regional thing.

So this vignette was created in maybe ten minutes I went back and added pumpkins and gourds and my Pinot Noir-like leaves sadly did not make it over the weekend.

I made another loop around the yard and grabbed these beautiful gold leafy scrub oak trimmings.


The secret to decorating with branches is to not overthink it. That’s it. The yard is filled with twigs, stems, and leaves of all colors. Sometimes the not-so-pretty branches make for the best arrangement.

Think as you did in elementary school when you made bouquets of Dandy Lions.

Remember the enthusiasm for all those “flowers” in your yard? We all just need to explore our yard or walk like our eight-year-old selves. It’s like a field trip for grownups. Here’s the secret to decorating with branches. Have the mindset of your eight your yourself and don’t overthink it.

Oh, and I added a few elements to my branch centerpiece. I love it even more with the lantern and the blanket. But, no shoes in this centerpiece arrangement.

What a fun decor idea that reminds us to use what we have in our homes or yards.

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  1. Laura h I really adore how you have incorporated faux and natural elements into your decor. It looks fabulous!

  2. Laura,
    As always your post is full of inspiration! I loved the branches. So fun doing these challenges together!

  3. Great ideas! I wish you were my next-door neighbor so you could come over to my house and make my house look pretty. Have a great week.

  4. I love the vibrant color of your Fall vignette, those branches may be dead, but I love the texture they add! I grew up in western Canada calling it a “chesterfield”, lol! Now we say both sofa and couch 😉

  5. You’re too funny, Laura. I think you got back on course pretty well! I love your sticky branches; our leaves will all be down soon, too. If I’m thinking like a kid, I’d love to jump in a big pile of leaves, but I’d probably break something…or be sore for a week;(

  6. Love your branches and your vignette. I especially love your “not over think it” strategy. I over think everything. It takes me 10 minutes to pick out bread and 20 to pick out strawberries. It’s ridiculous. :/ Thanks for joining in. Pinned

  7. Fantastic spin on the PC challenge Laura! I just love those golden leaves in the white urn and your rustic little pumpkin is adorable. Well done my friend!

    1. Thanks Carol! I cannot remember where I found that urn/vase. Happy Day friend!

  8. Love your woven metal ‘urn’, Laura… and the fall colors leaves and branches are lovely. The woven pumpkin is a perfect accent, too!

    1. Thank you Christy! Can you believe it’s November! yikes, laura

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