If you have been a follower of Everyday Edits you know I am passionate about my furniture. I got a lot of love when I published the story behind our dining room table. And these chairs are hands down one of my favorite finds at Homegoods! But, today is about the painted hutch in our living room. The painted hutch was a lesson in patience and process.


Yes, I am talking about the painted hutch that found its way into a brownstone-ish home in the suburbs of Denver. 


Today is about the ongoing transformation of the painted hutch in our living room. There is a collective eye roll from my family right about now.

here is the original black finish on this popular hutch. Oh my!

Honestly, I do not think anyone in my family noticed the living room hutch had gone from the original finish (black) to a creamy white and settled on a half-creamy white and Kendall Charcoal gray combo.

I loved the Kendall Charcoal grey on the exterior and kept the inside a creamy white. But when it came to the fun part of staging the hutch, the accessories got lost.

Please pin this image for others to find on Pinterest! 

I don’t have the photo of the combo paint job because that was when my Nikon had a complete camera breakdown. But the light gray walls and the white interior gives you an idea of the bland hutch. 


So with a 1/2 gallon of paint in the hall closet and a new camera on order, I finished my vision for the painted hutch 3.0. In about an hour I painted the glass shelves and the interior of the hutch to match the Kendall Charcoal on the exterior. I grabbed a stack of white dishes to give me an idea of the potential in my newly painted hutch.

It was love a first stack. 

I love this color! I painted my front door the same color too. It gives the hutch warmth against the expansive wall behind it. 



Update to this post! Now that hutch is in my home office. Check it out here with a new shade of white with Hale Navy walls!

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  1. I love it!! Such a great job and the fall decor is divine!

  2. I love that color. Definitely adds some pizazz to your white dishes. And the fall decor on top looks great!

  3. Laura, love this hutch and the story behind it. It is a beautiful piece and I know you are proud to have it and use it in your home.

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