The Easiest Way to Clean a Diamond Ring

We had dinner with our daughter and this SIL a few weeks ago. And I noticed her wedding ring was so bright and shiny. It looked like the diamond had grown in size like the Grinch’s heart in Whoville.

I leaned over and told her that her diamond and engagement rings were so sparkly. She mentioned she had just cleaned it that afternoon.

Do you know what she used to clean her diamond wedding ring?

Dawn dish soap.

Dawn Dish Soap

Yes, the same soap that removed the nasty rug pad residue in my family room.

She then told me her grandmother (my mom) gave her the tip. And then I thought maybe Grandma should write my Tuesday Tips!

Here are the details.

Steps to Clean a Diamond Ring or Bracelet:

  1. Set up a cleaning area with a small hand towel.
  2. Grab a small bowl. I used a Ramekin.
  3. Add Dawn and water and twirl it around to get the suds.
  4. Use the brush to clean around the band.

Thats it. I let mine soak for a bit between brushes. And the best part is there is no chemical smell emitting from the ramekin.


  • The towel keeps the ring from accidentally rolling off a slick surface.
  • Keep the ring and supplies on a hand towel if something goes wrong.
  • Remember when this happened while I was planting my herbs?
  • Do not use a drinking glass. If you get distracted you may grab the glass and inadvertently empty the glass down the kitchen sink.
  • Wrap the end of an old or new toothbrush with painter’s tape.
  • This will prevent you from accidentally brushing your teeth with Dawn dish soap after a night of Netflix or PBS.
  • That’s it! I am going to try it on a few other pieces of jewelry. I would love it if you pinned this or shared for others to find!

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