I blamed it on the kids. We used all our mental energy on laundry, carpooling, tennis practice, rugby tournaments and tracking down permission slips before the bus left the school grounds.

We were too exhausted to take time to enjoy the view. And with shutters on most of the windows, we never saw the views just beyond the wood slats.


Keeping the shutters was some type of analogy for containing the chaos with three children. Or maybe, it was to prevent neighbors from viewing the Legos strewn around the basement or the piles of shoes and jackets stacked on the stairs leading to the upper levels.



But as our nest emptied we had a little more time to appreciate the mile-high views south of the Mile High city. After seeing a neighbor’s family room, where she had recently removed her shutters, I knew the shutters were coming down!


But to understand the decision to remove the shutters let’s take a trip around our brownstone in the suburbs before we enjoyed the views. I shared similar photos when I shared these before and after paint colors.


We removed the two stories of shutters in the living and family rooms. That is sunshine people! And, maybe an overly ambitious camera setting. #wink

We eventually replaced our windows with higher UV protection windows. We convinced ourselves they would pay for themselves with lower heating costs.

The jury is out on that one.

There are a few Aspen trees outside our living room window that provide shade and privacy.

Crate and Barrel chaise with a view

This Crate & Barrel chaise is the most popular piece of furniture in the house (besides these chairs from Marshalls). Yes.

We also removed the shutters from the adjacent family room (the two rooms are separated by that large brown wall). It is hard to imagine I decorated an entire room in brown. My best guess is I thought the shades of brown would hide the dust and dirt.

This is real-world… strewn blankets and tossed magazines. When we removed the shutters it instantly brightened the room and likely our moods. It’s just so much more welcoming

Just off the family room, we have a private deck. Meaning, there are no stairs that lead to or from the yard. During the spring and fall I love to open the doors to take in this view. The deck is Elliott’s favorite spot!


We absolutely love the exposed windows. We added privacy shades for the family room in the evening. But I doubt anyone can see us on the couch working our way through every Netflix series.

What do you have for window treatments? Thanks for stopping by today!

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why we removed the window shutters

family room RESOURCE LIST

Pillow Covers here or these pillow covers

Swivel chairs

Sherpa pet throw is too cute!

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  1. We have wood blinds and nothing else. I keep those totally open or raised up all the time. Nothing on the windows is my favorite.

    1. Totally agree Marty. Thanks for stopping by! Happy 4th of July! laura

  2. I love shutters but wow this was such a great do-over! What a huge difference it makes! Love it!

    1. We were kicking ourselves that we didn’t do it sooner. ANd, we fell in love with the house because of the shutters! Thank you!

  3. Gosh, what a difference that makes! The rooms look completely new and both are such pretty rooms.

  4. Good riddance! All that gorgeous sunshine pouring in.. beautiful.

  5. Laura, a few years ago I removed the plantation shutters in the bay window in the dining room. I replaced them with sheers. What a difference lots of light. Best thing I ever did. Sorry for your extended family’s loss.

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