Like Paul Revere, I love a lantern. They are a decor staple in my home. They are easy and I love the familiar four-sided glass panes and the tiny cabinet pull to open up one side for candles, acorns or ornaments.

I love lanterns, but at some point, I found myself with a dozen lanterns. It is the Costco mentality of shopping-if I need one jar of Ragu, I might as well buy the plastic bound case of twelve spaghetti sauces.

So with my ever-growing collection, I found ways to rethink outside the candle in the lantern theme. It turns out lanterns are fun to fill with seasonal decor. And that’s how my bunny took center stage inside a lantern.


This is also the story of a broken lantern and a repurposed idea. After an aggressive pull of the lantern’s door, I ripped the back panel off my Homegoods lantern. This is one of my tallest lanterns measuring in at 30 inches. That is 1/2 my height!

The funny thing is that this cutest spring lantern would not have been possible without the recent lantern egress.

With the back door ripped off the hinges I was able to fit in my cutest bunny that makes an appearance every spring.




  • lantern
  • bunnies
  • grass
  • carrots

To add a little color I substituted eggs for the grass.

And my oversize bunny was not going to be upstaged by other bunnies. The carrots just tied this lantern together.

With a huge collection of eggs it was an easy way to layer the bottom of the lantern.And still have plenty for more spring decor!

Next, I added carrots that I had used in last year’s Easter wreath.


Is this not the cutest bunny peering out from the glass lantern? I love the pop of orange against my navy walls.


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  1. So cute! I love that you elevated your bunny. I love the whole vignette. So fun hopping with you today.

  2. Such a pretty Spring vignette! I love the adorable bunny and the festive carrots you added. It is perfect for Easter. Happy Spring, my friend! xo

  3. I love the jumbo lantern, and that bunny looks so proud of himself to have a big stash of carrots to enjoy 😉

  4. Your bunny is just adorable, Laura!! I love how he sits in the lantern; really cute! Reminds me a bit of Bugs Bunny, the way he’d hold his carrot and say, “What’s up, Doc?” And that is one massive lantern at 30″ tall… Perfect for your big rabbit. 🙂

    Enjoy your cute vignette and Happy almost spring and Easter,
    Barb 🙂

  5. This bunny is the cutest, and I love the whole vignette. So fun.

  6. I love your bunny! It’s so cute. Such a pretty spring lantern. Happy spring!

  7. Adorable! I love the carrots!

  8. That really is the “cutest spring lantern”. That bunny looks awfully cozy inside there!

  9. says:

    I love the size and how fantabulous your lantern turned out! The bunny, the eggs, even the long greenery on top of the lantern are all adorable. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!

  10. Laura this is so cute! I love how you added the eggs at the bottom!

  11. Laura, that bunny is one of the cutest ever! Love the idea of lining the lantern with Easter eggs. The orange carrots do complement the blue walls.

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