What is your favorite season? I would love for you to tell me in the comments or email me because I have a feeling that fall is a favorite! I am excited to share my fall home tour.

There is something about candles and sweaters that just gives me a cozy vibe that July does not give me.

This year my fall home tour is late because of this family event. That’s not to say I was not hauling out seven bins of pumpkins and garland before the big day. I actually put my sister in charge of this year’s fall home tour.


I love the faux pumpkins at Homegoods, mixed in with a few real ones. The fake ones hold up well and I can use them on the front porch or on the mantel and tables. I also love these pumpkins from Amazon.


I spend my early mornings in the kitchen and love to be reminded of the season even at 5:25 am.

The kitchen island is in a constant state of change based on schedules and dinners.

This is my favorite addition to the kitchen. All I did was add a strand of ten-year-old Michael’s garland to a Homegood pitcher and add a pumpkin.

What you don’t see in this photo is the Minute Maid Sugar-Free lemonade.

Keeping it real at Everyday Edits.

These stems behind the kitchen sink are a staple every year. This is what is keeping the stems in place.


One of my favorite rooms and the least used room. I tried this on a Saturday afternoon to see if I could rearrange the room.


I work from home as a real estate agent. I want my office to be organized and have a little bit of each season on this hutch and in the room.

It really lifts my mood to make it cozy on chaotic days.

This hutch stores lockboxes and marketing materials. It also holds craft supplies. This hutch represents me!


My sister reimagined my family room and I love it.

It’s the little details.

I had these battery-operated candles in a drawer and Tricia added them to the family room and they look great!


I had to decorate my grandfather’s bookcase for the fall season

My sister spray-painted a tired garland strand for the library wall in the living room. It gives it a little something special against the Hale Navy DIY bookcase.


And of course, the other most popular room in the house deserves a little pumpkin love.


The outside is my favorite space to decorate because I get to share it with the neighbors and the wildlife! There is nothing sweeter than a pumpkin on a bench.


This year I added a simple fall garland strand to these outdoor-friendly wreaths! Love the look of the gate leading to the backyard!


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  1. Love the Home Tour – everything looks so festive. I didn’t realize you had a Dutch door in your kitchen – I am so jealous. I love the wreath on the door. Hope you have a great week, dear buddy.

  2. Andrea Nine says:

    You know, this put a warning smile on my face during my walk! I love your sweet home, touches for fall, so cozy and warming. And you know I love the blue & white!

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