Sharing a dog-friendly summer patio table for this month’s Pinterest Challenge.

Hi everybody! Are you ready for a little casual summer patio table inspiration? One of my goals this summer was to create a summer patio where we could enjoy our farmhouse table

I have a love-hate relationship with our patio. Our patio is covered by an Ash tree that releases pollen dust onto our farmhouse table.

I used to tell my kids it was fairy dust from Santa’s helpers- checking up on them in July.

However, those same trees provide shade and hold a canopy of lights for Colorado nights.


Glass is tricky with our younger  Bernese Mountain dog,  Elliott. Our little Berner rescue is visually impaired and requires a wide turning radius.

So glass is tricky on the patio table. It’s all about the dogs at our house.



To create a casual table I skipped the flowers, but add potted lavender to the table.


I found a roll of burlap at a garden center. It was perfect as a table runner. My red and white gingham napkins take center stage this time of year. 

To add a little more green I keep a small herb container on the table during the summer.

To add a little more green where Karen used flowers I added magnolia garland from the Fig & Company in Knoxville.

I used many of the elements from my living room tablescape which made it easy.

I love these galvanized plates and wicker placemats from my new favorite store in Knoxville (where my sister and BIL live).

My favorite cloth napkins are getting a lot of use between now and Labor Day too.

I really enjoyed setting our outdoor patio table to work for our family and dogs. For those asking about the cloth napkins, you can find them here.

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  1. I love your take on this challenge! The burlap and vine threaded through the middle of the table. The red checkered napkins are a nice pop of color that sets off the whole tablescape. Well done!

  2. I love the variety of summery textures you brought together on this table, Laura! And your photography is awesome; love all the angles. The red and white gingham napkins really set everything off. Very cute!

  3. What a great setting, I love the tree but can understand how pollen can ruin a perfectly good meal outdoors. The red and white gingham is the perfect touch. I have a roll of burlap and had no idea what to do with it. Thanks for the great idea to use it as a table runner. So pretty Laura!

  4. I totally understand glass being hard to work with when you have a dog like Elliot. Our dog ran into everything and knocked over a few things too. Poor things. Anyway, I love your new little galvanized plates and those adorable napkins. They will be perfect for all the patriotic holidays! I too struggle with outdoor photography (okay, all photography) but I got a tip. Outside should always be done just before the sun comes up or during the “golden hour” as the sun goes down. And that’s no matter what way your area faces. Hope that helps. Beautiful table. Pinned and I hope your account gets fixed soon.

  5. I imagine dining outside this time of year in Colorado is absolutely delightful, Laura! We’re heading your direction in July to escape the summer heat in Texas! I’m sure the pollen is a pain, but that canopy over your beautiful table makes for such a gorgeous setting.

  6. Laura, I love that you’ve thought a lot about setting your table with your sweet pup in mind. It’s hard when they can’t see well and they feel badly when they cause accidents, I know. Yoda at around 16 years old is having trouble seeing because of cataracts and he knocks into tables, walls, pillars, pots out back (I keep them grouped as much as possible so he sees their “shape.”). But lovablility makes up for any mishaps, doesn’t it? :)’

    I’ve seen those tin chargers ~ really perfect for outdoors! Just a lovely setting for a picnic… Beautiful!!!

    Enjoy many more picnics this summer,
    Barb 🙂

  7. I love your backyard with all the gorgeous rocks and trees! Love your take on this months challenge. The bistro lights are perfect, as well as the darling red checked napkins. Well done!

  8. Aww, Elliott is the cutest! I honestly didn’t even miss the glass on your pretty table, I was too busy admiring the greenery, textures and those cute napkins! I love how you made the challenge your own and didn’t try to recreate everything exactly the same!!

  9. Laura,
    Your table is so fun. I missed being with y’all on this challenge, however, I’d love to share your table on my Sunday Dirt road Adventures. I hope that’s OK

  10. You have the perfect spot for enjoying the outdoors. Your table looks so pretty and I adore your gingham napkins. Elliott is a real cutie!

  11. Your table looks like a relaxing and casual place to dine in the summer–exactly what summer should be!

    Niky @ The House on Silverado

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