Hello everyone! We are rolling through the month of April. It has been three and a half years since our kitchen remodel. I still find myself rearranging cabinets and drawers. Do you do this too?


Here’s a peek at my spring kitchen. Hard to believe we had snow last week.


  • serving boards
  • floral stems
  • stacked plates
  • a cake plate for accessories
  • fresh fruit & flowers
  • dish towel

I love the simple elements. My husband rarely weighs in on my decor choices (smart man), but he does believe in less is more on the kitchen counters.

I tend to agree with him except my addiction to Homegoods tends to derail my plans for simple.


I start with my favorites. This little lemon tree plant (from Target two summers ago) gets the most comments from friends. It is up from April through August.

But after snapping this photo behind the kitchen sink I moved the lemon tree to the kitchen island. Oh and that charger I found at my favorite decor store in Knoxville.

And it was that move that I decided to focus on the space behind our new cast iron sink. If you have a corner sink you know how valuable the counter space is behind the sink.

I switched the lemon tree for longer stems in the corner between these two windows. The height of the stems draws your eye to the windows and the backyard (and on some days bear cubs, coyotes and bobcats. Oh my!


I ordered these petite potted plants. At first, I thought they were too small, but it turns out they are perfect for my kitchen. With a north-facing kitchen, I love a faux plant for some much-needed greenery. spring-kitchen-decor

I ordered five so there are a few popping up in my kitchen. This is one of my favorite cookbooks.



This milk can is usually in the kitchen. I like to switch it up for the seasons. Recently, I painted it a fresh coat of Hale Navy.

Check out the milk can when I bought it at a garage sale.

Do you add seasonal decor to your kitchen?

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If  you live in the Denver metro area the kitchen lighting is from  Urban Lights Denver.

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  1. Laura,
    Your simple style is so refreshing! I have a hard time keeping any area simple but I love that look. It’s so fun doing these challenges together!

  2. Thanks for sharing your pretty kitchen. I love the lemon tree! I’ve been looking for a real one here in Iowa, with no luck finding any that aren’t just teeny tiny. May have to go faux–yours is so pretty!

    @ The House on Silverado

  3. Laura, I LOVE your lemon tree and the other faux babies you’ve picked up to brighten your kitchen!! I have a north-facing window in our kitchen, too, and… surprisingly, I’ve kept a couple of indoor plants alive for over a year now! 😉 I just added a small violet and I’ll see if I can keep it alive over summer. Love your new sink and sink area!!!

    Enjoy your beautiful kitchen,
    Barb 🙂

  4. Love your kitchen and love the pretty plants you’ve added to the counters. That little tree is perfect.

  5. Such a clean and clutter free kitchen. How do you do that?! I honestly love the dark contrast of your kitchen compared to so many others. It’s beautiful. Great spring touches too. Thanks for joining us. Pinned

  6. Love your fresh clean style Laura! Your little tree reminds me of the miniature orange trees my dad had on his kitchen counter. I’m probably better off with a faux lemon like yours. BTW I love the color of your backsplash. So pretty!

  7. That lemon tree is so fun and fresh! And I love your corner sink with view, although I may be scared to go outside if I saw that kind of wildlife. Wild turkeys and coyotes and foxes is as crazy as it gets around here! Hopefully Spring will stick around for us from now on!

  8. Laura, I love all the pops of green in your kitchen. The lemon tree is and other faux branches add color and height. I’m addicted to Home foods, too!!Happy Spring.

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