Hi there and welcome to a little Thanksgiving inspiration coordinated by Carol at Blue Sky at Home. Carol invited a group of decor bloggers to share a few ideas for Thanksgiving. I know what you are thinking we are in the first week of October. But Thanksgiving has a way of sneaking up on you and all of a sudden you have a dozen people to seat at a dining room table and a folding table. We got you covered for simple tablescapes, centerpieces and tons of ideas! Please start with our host and check out out Carol’s steps to create a beautiful Thanksgiving table.

If you are stopping by from Kate’s Al Fresco dining table welcome to Everyday Edits. My name is Laura and I am a Colorado-based decor blogger.

We are hosting Thanksgiving this year. We have much to be grateful for this year and I am thrilled my three children will be home for Thanksgiving. I want to get ahead of the holiday prep. Here are a few tricks and tips I use when hosting a crowd that includes all ages and stages.


Ideas for Simple Thanksgiving Table

My favorite part of this simple Thanksgiving tablescape is our beloved and dining room table gets all the attention.

Ideas for Simple Thanksgiving Table


If you are a Virgo you will not be surprised by this next tip.

Set the table the week before Thanksgiving.

I have a good idea of the menu, sides, pies and guest list.

My secret to prepping the table is to use Kraft paper.

Kraft paper is a great decor staple to cover tables and surfaces. It makes for easy cleanup!

I found this roll, sized for tables, here.


When preparing a Thanksgiving table, with a guest list that includes ages 5 to 90, I want to keep the table covered and easy to cleanup. I have no solution on how to keep these chairs clean.

where to look for furniture layout ideas for free


I love the look of chargers on a dining room table, but they take up space. Sometimes I add a charger for every other place setting or use them for some of the side dishes.

I bought these galvanized chargers in Knoxville at my favorite store. They make me feel a little bit southern, y’all. ! I have eight chargers and a guest list three times that number.

This year I plan to use the chargers to hold side dishes and condiments.

I found plenty of options for galvanized chargers on Amazon.

I plan to show off our new counters and serve Thanksgiving buffet-style.


Here are a few ideas for small add-ons to the table.

  • Pie-size pumpkins, mini pumpkins and gourds (guests can each take one home)
  • I add these repurposed candle jars to the table. I add votives to the jars.
  • I also add crayons to the candle jars for the kids.
  • I like adding small details so they don’t distract from the conversations across the table.
  • Loving these napkins for Thanksgiving.


With so many guests, I will assemble the silverware in advance. If it is a large group I may mix my flatware with plasticware for the kids.

I usually opt for disposable napkins at Homegoods, but recently I rediscovered cloth napkins and love the look.

What do you do for your Thanksgiving Table Setting? Before you go please stop by another Colorado-based blogger, Kelly at the Tattered Pew.

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  1. Looks beautiful! We’re hosting too, I think we’re up to 38 people right now so it’s all buffet style and no table settings for us!

  2. Laura, you’ve knocked this tablescape out of the park. Gorgeous colors and design. What a great look for Thanksgiving.

  3. Laura loved your Thanksgiving table and of course all that blue! Your family is so lucky to have you as the host this year. Love that I get to say hi to my Colorado neighbor on her beautiful blog. Have a wonderful weekend. Pinned!

  4. Your table is so pretty and I love the place settings. The tags on the pumpkins and the wrap around the silverware are such sweet touches!

  5. Hi Laura –
    All of your ideas for your Thanksgiving table make it so sweet and inviting. All the touches just say “I’m so glad that you are here, you are special”. I love all of it.

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