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simple ideas on how and where to use tea lights year-round

My dad was notorious for turning off overhead lights and lamps in any room that was unoccupied for more than 23 seconds. Maybe he was trying to save money with a house filled with five kids, just as many opinions, curfews, and a few pricey parking tickets in Boulder.

My dad’s lights-off patrol patterns might explain why I am obsessed with lighting.

Votive candles and tea lights are the easiest way to add light to tiny corners and unsuspecting niches. And, these tiny lights won’t trip the breaker!


1. This time of year I like the convenience of an LED light in unsuspecting places. I shared these daylight savings hacks because I love ambient lighting during the winter months.

Light during the winter warms the space on the coldest of nights. Lighting lifts our moods and adds a bit of cozy to dark corners or plants. Yes, you read that right, plants (or branches).


2. Plants are such an unsuspecting place to add light. It might be my new favorite tip for staging and property listings.


Next up, I love a window ledge for tea lights because windows are an expected place to see light at the end of the day.

And, depending on the time of day you may get a little extra sparkle from the sun against a tiny glass lantern.

4. This is why I love to add tiny lights to glass lanterns. Depending on the time of day you may get a little extra sparkle from the sun against a pint-size lantern.

5. Tea lights and votives are perfect for upcycled candle jars and glass jars too.

I repurpose most of my candle jars so it’s kind of fun to give them new life. I shared the tutorial.

Tea lights are great to add to a guest bedroom to welcome a guest without worrying about a lit candle.


6. Finally, I saved one of my favorites for last. Add an unexpected glow to a centerpiece for a warm and cozy vibe.

This would work with my centerpiece hack.

And, not have to mess with the madness of keeping fairy lights untangled.

Please pin for inspiration or future use! Thank you for stopping by! If you stayed until the end check out my fairy light photo below!

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  1. Thank you so much for the ideas! I love lights, candles, and recently have been enjoying tea lights. Merry Christmas!

  2. Great ideas, Laura. I need more tea lights in my life!! Sweet Shark is like you dad ~ he is always turning off lights and I’m always turning them on. Merry Christmas.

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