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How to Keep the Kitchen Sink Clean

The first thing I noticed when our youngest went to college was how the amount of trash and dishwashing clyclesWhen my college age college-age son home for the summer, and his newfound love of cooking, my kitchen sink looks like a food truck after a night serving 150 burgers … with all the fixings. So in an attempt to take control of my kitchen, here are 5 simple ideas to keep the kitchen sink pretty.




These ideas work well in my kitchen because they are … simple.

I pulled a few key elements and switch it out for a new mood or season. 



1. PLANT                                                                                 

I love real plants next to the sink because it’s near a water source. The plant’s chance of survival increases dramatically if in close proximity to the sink. I prefer small, easy to maintain (real) plants, but it is your sink, your rules. Adding a plant next to the sink is an unexpected pop of color. And, yes I am growing (real)grass in one of these jars



Taking a cue from Pinterest, I propped the cleaning products on a cake plate from the Target dollar section. I usually have a hodgepodge of brands. But, I loved how pretty the sink looked with matching cleaning products.

Dish soaps and cleaning products made my HomeGoods favorite finds list.


If there is one thing a sink needs it is towels. I found these cute Turkish towels at one of my favorite online stores here. The towel hooks are from a Pottery Barn outlet years ago. The towel hooks are actually on my island, located behind my sink so they are hidden from most of the kitchen’s angles. 


Of course, this little guy found the hand towels. He is so stinkin’ cute I just took his photo. 



I love candles. But, I love a candle by the sink because it keeps the surrounding area (garbage disposal) smelling seasonally fresh. 



I buy a few cleaning products in bulk like baking soda and vinegar. Both products are stain and odor-fighting agents for puppy accidents. But I don’t like to drag them out from under the sink because they tend to stay on the counter. So I repurposed empty cleaning bottles and keep them near the sink-where they hide in plain sight.

Speaking of under the sink. This is my go-to staple for under the sinks in my house. 

The sink and the surrounding area stays clean because all the essentials are on display and within reach. Not excuses. What tricks do you have to keep the kitchen sink clean? 




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  1. The plants next to the sink are always a great idea. Cleaning the sink isn’t one of my favorite chores. You have some great tips for keeping it cute while it’s in use. Thanks for sharing at Keep In Touch.

  2. Our Hopeful Home says:

    I love it! And I’m with you –keeping a plant by the sink is a great idea! Plus I love how it adds color as well. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm! xo Kathleen

  3. I love the idea of keeping plants and candles by the sink. Your sink area looks so clean and pretty! And you’re little dog is adorable!!

    1. Thank you Michelle! Elliott is our Bernese Mountain puppy rescue!

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