Cutest Way to Repurpose Cowboy Boots

Recently, I spent an evening sorting thru my kids’ baby blankets, baptismal gifts and favorite jammies.  The memories were tucked into bins and stored in a hall closet.

So when I found my  son’s  size 4 cowboy boots a flood of happy tears followed. He wore these boots 24/7 during his cowboy phase. Initially, I tucked the cowboy boots back into the bin until I found the cutest way to repurpose a them so I could see them more often and smile everytime. . 


The best part about this is that tiny cowboy boots could belong to any family member. Boots just look cuter when they are little and don’t have the stinky sweaty smell. Finding these boots with muddy heels and scuffed edges brought back images of Evan in his jammies with cowboy boots on  at four in the afternoon. 

My sister found her husband’s childhood cowboy boots and did something similar.  This project works for any pieces that deserve a seat on the shelf. 

These memory-filled cowboy boots had spent too much time in storage. I had a few ideas for these boots but decided to display them on built-in shelves in our lower-level remodel.


  • I have alot of shelves so I kew the boots would look great on our basement shelves.
  • Clean them up or leave the mud. See what I did below
  • Air them out if they have a musty scent. Lysol or a spritz of vinegar will get rid of any lingering smells
  • Don’t over think it. The idea is to get cute pieces out of boxes and bins. 

Our basement is where our boys hang out with their friends, so it made sense to display these where he and his friends chill. And I knew his friends would get a kick out of Evan’s first pair of cowboy boots. 

I may have pointed the cowboy boots out to his friends on more than one occasion. wink


The size of these boots makes it easy to play with their placement on the shelves.

       Look   at the mud caked onto the boot’s heel? I almost cleaned the mud off his cowboy boots. Instead, I decided the mud tells the stories of my son’s adventures in puddles and playgrounds.

Oh my gosh, you guys I just love these repurposed cowboy boots.

What are you waiting for? Go pull out those bins and find a few keepsakes to display.

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  1. What a cute idea, Laura. I bet those boots hold a lot of memories. Enjoy your week.

    1. Thank you! I have one of my boy’s first soccer balls on a bookcase too! My mom stored everything in storage!

  2. Had to smile when I saw the boots! I remember giving Patrick, my son, heck for getting dirty. I swear he could enter a room clean and neat and exit it being dirty and sticky. His reply to me was a Patrick classic: “But Mama, I’m a normal small boy.”

    1. LOve that Kathy! Find his version of cowboy boots. I shared a stuffed moose animal on Instagram and the moose is wearing his toddler jammies!Thank you for sharing! laura

  3. Tricia Becker says:

    Does this work with my husband’s boots? Too much?

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