A Reclaimed Wood Buffet for the Dining Room

I found a reclaimed wood buffet for my dining room. It’s true, sometimes non-essential dreams do come true. And, this wood buffet was not found online or the in a furniture showroom.

I found my buffet next to the public restrooms at Pottery Barn. It was in a hallway leading to the women’s bathroom.

There was a hold tag on it for another customer.

So I ripped it off and marched up to the checkout counter. Gotcha!

But I may have thought about it. It was made from reclaimed wood and was the perfect match for our dining room table.

But, the story did not end in the Pottery Barn bathroom hallway. 

I went home and checked out the details (price) and dimensions. And that’s when, in the final hours of a Sunday evening, in the top right-hand corner of my screen was a 24-hour flash sale with the following announcement in all caps. 


It was a free-shipping miracle sent by a little shipping angel. 

But with tuition, mortgage payments and the neverending cash flow demands of small business owners, the online shopping cart usually sit idle.

Reclaimed Wood Buffet 

I think this is where the term angel investors originated. 

Once the hutch was in my shopping cart I got my sign from the angel investors; the Bowery reclaimed storage hutch was back-ordered.

Backordered status translates to no credit card charge until the hutch ships from Chicago. 

I had time to pay it off before it shipped.

I now refer to this as Mom’s angel investor club.

So the best part of this new dining room hutch was that it fit perfectly in my little dining room niche AND it was paid in full before it shipped.

Here is another hutch find from Marshalls– no shipping and handling wait!

The dining room hutch was made from reclaimed wood with rough edges and dark brass hardware. It matched the industrial vibe and this dining room table

  What do you have your eye on that you might find in a store’s hallway? What was your favorite score on a big ticket item? Here is another favorite furniture find from Homegoods

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  1. That is gorgeous! I am the same with PB catalogues and don’t get me started about visiting a store!

    1. I know right?! I love to go to their store and take photos of the tablescapes! laura

  2. Calypso in the Country says:

    Gorgeous – and I love the dark wood against the navy!

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