I have a baking confession. I rarely follow a recipe from start to finish. Every time I call my sister about a new recipe she asks, “Did you follow the recipe?” The truth is I have a bit of a habit of making split-second, last-minute baking substitutes. And, then I discovered Libby does it too. Here is a simple tip for a butter substitute for baking.

butter-substitute-for baking

I found this baking substitute tip while grocery shopping. I grabbed a few cans of pumpkin (’tis the season).

It wasn’t until I got home to unpack my groceries when I noticed the lid on the Libby’s pumpkin can.

The best part is this is a shelf-stable item so it can sit in your pantry until you crave these cookies or you need a last-minute baking substitute for butter or eggs or oil.

It is a genius idea on behalf of Libby’s to put the suggestions on the can and include the measurements for the substitute.

This butter substitute works with sauces, muffins and cookies. In some recipes, pumpkin can be used as an oil and egg substitute too.

An added bonus is pumpkin is vegan friendly and loaded with vitamins. Curious of the benefits? You can check out all the benefits of pumpkin here.

butter-substitute-for baking

Here is that pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe.

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    1. Yes, I used it for pumpkin bread and muffins! laura

  1. Wow!! I had no idea. Makes me want to keep a can of pumpkin just in case!! I’m so glad you shared this!!

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