Wait until you see this Pottery Barn Knockoff  Hyacinth  serving tray 

My Water Hyacinth knockoff tray is harder to pronounce than to knockoff. But it was so fun when I found a knockoff of the popular seagrass tray.

It’s because of this fun decor hack that I had my eye out for this type of tray.

I found it at Goodwill when a girlfriend and I made a quick trip to search for vintage cookbooks. No luck on the cookbooks but when I found the seagrass type of tray I was so excited.

I explained to her how I had seen it in the PB catalog.

Her eyes may have glazed over with my enthusiasm for a knockoff serving tray.

Source: Pottery Barn

Except I paid $3.00 when the Pottery Barn tray retails for almost $50.00.

Sidenote: It is on sale right now, but it’s way more than $3.00

Looking back on this water hyacinth knockoff I think it was my motivation to start this brand new   Facebook Group. 

Shameless plug, please join if you love a garage sale find a makeover.

I included a short video announcing the group and I added that Goodwill finds count too!



I knew exactly where this water hyacinth tray was headed and what I planned to do with it.

Looking back, I think that’s why I knew it was the closest thing to the Pottery Barn serving tray because I had my eye on the one offered online from one of my favorite stores.

The hardest part for me at a Goodwill store is the smell. But, when we went this fall, with all the cleaning guidelines in place, it did not bother me at all.

This may explain my enthusiasm for this serving tray.


When I got the serving tray home, gave it a good shake over the kitchen sink to release any dust or debris.

I disinfected it with Lysol spray and a good rinse with my new favorite cleaner.

I added a slate cheese tray for the bottom of the tray because I planned to store my olive oil and balsamic vinegar collections from here and here.

My bottles can wobble, but I don’t want them to fall down.


I love the handles most of all! What do you think?

This find will be added to my Garage Sale (and Goodwill) makeover Facebook page here.

Would love for you to join the group. Garage sale season will be here before you know it! What do you think of my $3.00 tray?



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  1. I love second hand baskets; new, they are SOOO expensive. I give mine a QUICK scrub in lukewarm soapy water and my veggie brush. In winter, they go over the hot air register, in summer, the sunshine! Often a quick clear spray of matte or shiny makes them new again! I have a lot of my collection hanging from forged looking nails off my bedroom beams (cathedral ceiling) as well as holding things everywhere!

  2. Fabulous ideas! Thank you for joining in the Creative Crafts Linky Party!
    Creatively, Beth

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