Sharing a little interior inspiration from Pottery Barn

I love to linger over a Pottery Barn catalog with a cup of coffee. If I win the lottery my top 5 shopping trips will include Pottery Barn. So until I win big today is my latest Pottery Barn inspiration.

Sidenote: One year I gave my Realtor clients lottery tickets for St. Patrick’s Day. My colleagues gave me such a hard time because I had no idea how or where to buy lottery tickets? I did not know Kroger sold them because the big winners always bought them at some rural convenience store while buying cough syrup.


So today I thought I would share a little Pottery Barn interior inspiration. Your challenge is to keep the image in your mind or on a Pinterest board. It’s how I found this Pottery Barn knockoff last spring. It was on my knockoff list-you know the list in your mind that keeps your eye out for a cheaper version



It was the image below from Pottery Barn’s website that reminded me of the thrill of a good Pottery Barn inspo find!

Can you guess what I loved about this photo for a decor idea? It’s not the chair or the oversized branches.
Nope! It’s the stack of books next to the branch-filled vases.

Source: Pottery Barn


Sometimes inspiration turns into a DIY project. One of my first projects on my previous blog was a DIY mantel. I made it, with the help of Home Depot lumber associate, after seeing a mantel online at Pottery Barn.

SIdenote: I brought the PB catalog to Home Depot and togehter an associate and I mapped it out on paper.

I recently added 1″ finished alder and stained it.

Sometimes I linger on the PB website for interior ideas yet to be imagined in my mind. Like this bench and storage baskets. This is an easy knockoff because I can buy or make a bench for under $100. Like this one.

Homegoods and garage sales are my go-to sources for baskets. Now I am inspired.

Source: Pottery Barn

I just about squealed when I saw this Pottery Barn interior inspiration online. Why?

Because it can work with a window ledge or home office desk facing the window.

Sidenote: I struggle with my back to my office door. You?

Either way, I can copy this idea for a window ledge or sofa table facing a window or a small office space.

Stay tuned on this one! I love the possibilities swirling in my thoughts.

Source: Pottery Barn


Here’s another image or inspiration. Let’s just say I will never look at photo frames the same way when at Pottery Barn or shopping online.

Here’s the inspo that got my thoughts churning.

Forget the frames and the bench it’s the images in the frames. You could do this with your dogs, cats, kids, outdoor photos. I just love it!

This just makes me want to snap photos of our Berners and create a gallery wall of black and white photos. I have these glass frames in my shopping cart.

Source: Pottery Barn


Okay do you love to rearrange furniture? Here’s the funny thing about this seating arrangement.

I don’t love it. I thought I would, but I don’t like this arrangement.

So I am really happy I didn’t spend time or money going down this interior furniture arrangement path.

I think it’s too much leather. I am not sure. What do you think?

Source: Pottery Barn


I struggle with my dining room tablescapes. I know- big life problems in that sentence.

My daughter would likely contribute to this conversation and tell me I have too much stuff on this table. I love my table and I want to show it off during the holidays and seasons.

This Pottery Barn image was the inspiration I needed and the simple reminder…

less is more.

Source: Pottery Barn


I love this next image. Love it! It was the reason I painted my dining room this color. If you are struggling with a room check out your favorite retailers online (or by catalog) for ideas.

Source: Pottery Barn

I added crown moulding to my office because of the above photo. Here’s a sneak peek of my home office remodel.

Thank you for stopping by today!

Would love a pin!

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  1. I love pottery barn. Can’t say I’m crazy about their service but I love their stuff. Those leather chairs look like they should be in a man cave. Love the color blue that you used. Have a wonderful weekend, Laura.

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