My favorite thing about January is a new calendar. Yes I use both a digital and paper calendar to organize my day and create a dozen lists. In fact, if it wasn’t for new calendars and organizing my house I would be in a funk.

In the first ten days of the new year, after the Christmas decorations are packed away my house always looks like a little bare. But this time of year after Christmas and airfares to get the kids home our checking accounts are a little low.

So always a fan of decor inspo, I search Pinterest boards and Instagram. But the most reliable source for decor ideas and trends is in a good old fashion catalog or a modern day website. Grab a cup of coffee and join me for some fun! .

The best catalog, for me, is any season of a Pottery Barn catalog. I can get lost in the pages of a Pottery Barn catalog and a cup of coffee. It inspires me. 

Television and movies are another way to get decor ideas, but then I forget the story line and start thinking where the props department found that navy and white ottoman. 


And, the best part? Decor inspiration is free.


Pottery Barn Decor Inspiration

If you are looking to tweak your family room, but not twirk your budget take a look at what I found. Pottery Barn did the heavy lifting; I was just the courier service.


Pottery Barn Decor Inspiration

In one image, Pottery Barn captured multiple interior design ideas. 

This next image is filled with inspiration. I love the hutch, but my attention was drawn to the wall color behind the hutch. 

Pottery Barn loves for us to linger over the catalog and online pages; they know we might splurge on something as simple as these candlesticks.

Pottery Barn Decor Inspiration

This next image is similar to my family room circa five years ago. My family room includes a large wall adjacent to a wall of windows. I love the arched floor light. And, that olive tree.

Maybe I will rearrange the furniture and wait for a weekend sale. Pottery Barn is happy to help with my decor inspiration.

Again, that olive tree in front of those windows. And, that framed print caught my eye. Maybe I could sketch a few leaves?

Do those pillows look like the ones in Grace & Frankie’s house?

Velvet would be a nice touch to my living room. And, those stems would add much-needed height to my 2 story living room & family room wall.

Do you like the stacked books on the floor?

Again, in one image, Pottery Barn shows us how to position a club chair in front of a bookcase.

I love the dark and stormy paint color in the image below. And, the simplicity of the white tulips and vases against the wall color. The geometric rug is a fun twist to the traditional space.

Pottery Barn shows us how to add glass tables to balance the weight of a leather couch. And, a plant is all that was needed to add a pop of color. It softens the space without breaking the budget.

Pottery Barn Glass Tables

Santa found a little inspiration from Pottery Barn too. He brought our family the tabletop Scrabble game for Christmas. The wood-framed classic game includes a convenient drawer to store the wood letters and a tabletop spinner on the bottom.

This might be my favorite look to copy in my dining room. I love the plates and the greenery in the table setting. And, there are those dark walls again. And, if your New Year plans include a bar cart to corral the drinks, check out these finds.

Thank you Pottery Barn for the decor inspiration. It is just what I needed in January. And, the fun part of this inspiration is to take a few elements from these images and creatively source and search.

And, you might find that you have everything you need for a decor boost.

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  1. Tricia Becker says:

    Did you figure out what that paint color was? It looks like the color of paint in Prince Philip’s study on The Crown. I love it, too!

  2. Debbie- Dabble says:

    Thanks so much for stopping by and for all your kind comment!!

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