This how-to-dry plastic food bag tip will have you asking why didn’t I think of this.


It started when I found these heavy-duty recyclable bags at Aldi’s in Knoxville while visiting my sister. I loved the thick bags and found myself using these reusable food bags more than the Ziplock bags because they were so durable. Amazon sells this bundle-its on sale.

But cleaning and drying these reusable bags were time-consuming because I planned to reuse them multiple times. But the thought of these bags drip-drying every night brought back memories of my childhood kitchen sink.

It always goes back to childhood. #wink


Growing up my parents repurposed and recycled before it was a hashtag. My mom gave new life and third chances to Folger coffee cans and empty Cool Whip containers.

And of course plastic food bags. I remember my mom and dad air drying a 1/2 dozen plastic bags on a kitchen towel, kitchen sink faucet, or drying rack every night.

That memory was hard to shake and as much as I love to repurpose things like this project or this paint can the look of Ziploc bags clutching the faucet drove my husband (and me) crazy- like first world probs crazy.

Sidenote: I have the messiest office desk with stacks of folders, pens, thank you note cards, a paper calendar and spiral to-do list notebook, but I don’t like disposable bags drying over my kitchen sink.


It turns out the solution was in front of me the entire and next to the kitchen sink. It happened on a whim. Like, I wonder if this would work idea?

Ang ironically my tip was just above my mom’s 1985 Formica counters’ kitchen. Are you ready for this?

Plastic Food Bag Drying Tip

A roll of paper towels is the perfect kitchen accessory to dry all those plastic food bags.


  • Wash your bags as usual (I use soap and/or vinegar) and warm water. If I am worried about cross contamination I may spritz a little bleach into the water. Give it a quick rinse. Give it a rinse.
  • Slip the reusable bag over the paper towel holder the way you put on a dress that is a little tighter than last season.
  • Give it a little shimmy.

I hang them over the roll of paper towels. One side air dries and the reverse side’s moisture is absorbed by the Bounty or Target brand paper towels.

Because the bags are opaque they blend right in.

All the work is done overnight and no drips or puddles.

I don’t have to use a dishtowel to dry the corners of the bag. The roll of paper towels does all the work.

Check out this tip to dry plastic food bags overnight.

That’s the tip! How many have you already do this? It really works. You can layer a 2nd bag on top because the paper towel absorbs the drips. And in the morning I reuse the paper towel to clean up my post-morning coffee spills!

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  1. GENIUS! Man…you have the best and easiest ideas, Laura!!

    1. Thank you Rachel! Like my friends remind me “don’t overthink things laura.” ha!

  2. Tricia Becker says:

    Great idea, Laura! I’ve been doing something similar by turning them inside out and then hanging them over the faucet or the Dawn dish soap bottle. Your idea is much better. You also use the damp paper towel twice instead of tossing it in the trash.

    1. Exactly I meant to put that in the post that you can still use the papertowel! Thank you sissy!

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