Can you believe we are headed towards the summer months with red, white and blue holidays? After two years of canceled events, masks and six feet of social distancing, it will be fun to celebrate with friends and family.

Do you have summer traditions for Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day?

To kick off the summer holidays I created a super cute, thrifty DIY red, white and blue tray.

cute patriotic tray, cute patriotic centerpiece


For this centerpiece, I used what I had on hand. A few items were from previous upcycle projects. Oh, wait I did buy the small sign from the dollar section at Target.

My goal was to add pops of reds and blues against the green wreath. I pulled out my oversized galvanized serving piece as the base for this patriotic tray.

I used my stash of these boxes for shades of blue. The popular retail box supports the sign and makes the sign stand out.

DIY patriotic tray or centerpiece

The blue hue continued with a single cloth gingham napkin that I tucked inside a recycled glass jar.

I was stumped for red and white decor that was not covered in hearts.

I needed something that would fit within the tray. As luck would have it I found a Christmas strand of wood bead garlands I purchased from my friend Katherine’s shop. I bought it after the holidays and never stored it with the Christmas decorations.

It was just waiting for the summer of patriotic holidays.


The beaded garland with red fabric ties was the perfect addition to the tray.

It looks perfect in this patriotic tray. What is that type of fabric called?

All I can think of are the bonnets in Little House on the Prairie.

I found a white, wood monogram with red polka dots. It was from my “monogram everything” phase.

The red and white scrolled letter added height and a bit of whimsy to the patriotic tray.


Need a little help with your tray. Check out this tray bundle or this one.



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  1. Tricia Becker says:

    That looks so cute! I love the garland with the bandana print-it’s perfect for 4th of July!

  2. What a cute vignette! I adore your wooden bead garland. The bandana print calico accent are charming.

  3. That inspiration room is gorgeous-how cute is that tricycle?! I love how your tray turned out as well. I forget to decorate my tray, I should do that! Did you make the bead garland? I would call that fabric bandana fabric but I know what you mean about LHP bonnet fabric too!

    1. Hi Heather, Another blogger called it paisley! I think that’s the right word or we could stick to LHOTP

  4. The beaded garland is adorable. Bandana ties are perfect for 4th of July. Your polka dot monogram is a clever addition.

  5. Hi Laura,

    Love the addition of the beads. I loved Little House on the Prairie.


  6. Hi Laura! Adorable!!! I love polka dots and the addition of the big “N” just says fun for summertime fun. I love the beaded necklace, too, and yes… It’s bandana fabric with paisleys on them (I think!). My mother was nuts about paisleys. 😉

    Enjoy your pretty tabletop display and Happy 4th!!!!

    1. Paisleys! I could not think of the pattern! Thank you Barb!

  7. Cute, Laura! You had the perfect combo of items to bring together. And target dollar spot never fails us, right? It’s where I got my striped runner for $3; gotta love it! You’re going to enjoy this seasonal tray this patriotic season!

  8. Super cute Laura. I love the beaded garland and the polka dotted “N”. And I agree with you – Those tricycle streamers bring back great memories! Lots of tumping over and skinned elbows. LOL. Thank you for joining in. Pinned

  9. Laura, I love the beads with the fabric ties. What a great idea. The big letter is a great addition too. Greenery and the blue gingham napkin are great for color and texture. Great job, my friend.

    1. Thank you Carol! I love these challenges! Happy Day! laura

  10. What a fun interpretation of the original pin. I love the beads with the bits of red bandana–they are my fave!

  11. I love that you incorporated the beads.

    What I enjoy most about our challenges is finding just the right things around the house to use.

    1. Hi Carol, Totally agree! I searched my house and that beaded garland was a Christmas decoration! laura

  12. Julie Briones says:

    Your polka dot N is super cute with your patriotic vignette… and gotta love Target dollar spot!

  13. Darling vignette, with the gingham and red bandana accents! Of course I love the greenery the wreath provides too. Pinning!

  14. Your patriotic tray is perfect for 4th of July decor. I love your beaded garland with the gingham strips. That sign was a great find that you can enjoy for years to come.

  15. Love the wooden beads, such a unique touch! Glad to be hopping with you!

  16. Very cute! Love the blue checked fabric mixed in with the bits of red bandana on that adorable bead garland. It always pays off to shop your house!

    Happy Fourth of July!

  17. It looks amazing! Thank you for sharing where you bought the garland ( I see others shared the fabric name paisley bandana pattern with you already).
    You are so thoughtful my friend.
    What a fun challenge, yours came together beautifully. I never had a bike with streamers but it does take me back a bit to when my brother would clip playing cards on the spokes of his bike to make a motor sound.
    Biggest HUGS!

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