Happy Weekending!

Good morning! Welcome to the Weekend Edit! Thank you for hanging out with me this Saturday morning. I want to start with a thank you to all of you who show up to read The Weekend Edit on Saturdays.

It is because of your comments, suggestions, funny stories, and kind words I outgrew my email subscription plan.

What were you thinking?

My little blog started in our family room after everyone was asleep and before the coffee pot started to percolate. I learned WordPress, basic code, and that plugins were not referring to Glade air freshener.

I started with one-hour projects and tips I picked up from showing or selling homes as a real estate agent and as a homeowner. It is because each of you found my blog.


The email notifying me I had outgrown my email subscription plan was better than outgrowing my jeans or the reality I never outgrew my middle school-era training bras.  

Speaking of bras this is my favorite and is on sale at Nordstrom (and on the way). It’s a little pricey if you, like me, grab the 6 pack on Amazon. It lifts and elevates what’s left.




Shop Notes: I found a better price on the Ramekins at Target. They are the best little portion-control bowls for Goldfish and fruit. Oh, and I use mine to freeze grapes or to serve these bite-size desserts!

I would love it if you subscribed to the Weekend Edit. You can sign up here for a Saturday morning easy-breezy newsletter. Thank you! ** This is in test mode so if you want to email me I can sign up until I work out the hiccups. (no m on the end).

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  1. Linda Robertson says:

    I live in upstate South Carolina and enjoy your Blog. Thanks for all your great ideas and fashion sense.

  2. Congrats on your email growth
    20 years ago I sold Longaberger baskets. My hostess gifts caused me to end up with 89 baskets. I used (some only seasonally) for years. I just sold 80 to raise funds for local animal sanctuary. I enjoyed them for a lot of years, but time to move on

  3. Congratulations, Laura, on all your new subscribers! Well done!
    I began my blog 16 years ago on Blogger during the early days of blogging. I haven’t really explored other platforms or made many changes beyond the basics, but it suits my needs and I’m content with it. A hot weather week is ahead so stay cool!

  4. Congrats Laura! Growing your email is so important- so well done. Thank you so much for sharing my arugula salad. I hope you try it. Happy summer friend. XO- MaryJo

    PS. I’m liking that bra. Thanks for the tip.

  5. Congratulations! It’s no surprise to me, I love reading your posts. I appreciate your shopping/sale tips too! 😊
    I’m on vacation in Monterey with family. Talk to you next week.
    Karen B.

  6. Congratulations!! That’s something good to outgrow for sure!

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