My Brownstone in the Suburbs Christmas Tour

Our home has four flights of stairs and five levels. I love to decorate from the lower level to the loft and every room in between. Are you ready for my brownstone in the suburbs Christmas Tour?

Let’s go! This tour is packed with photos.

Our entryway is large enough for both a bench and this dresser. But during the holidays I like to move furniture around. This Pottery Barn side table is a favorite entry table.

I found this sign at Homegoods and a friend gave me the identical sign for my tiered tray. This sign is the anchor for the living room fireplace.

The built-ins are on the opposite sides of the fireplace. The shelves are navy blue which makes the white and red decor pop!

Brownstone-like home in the suburbs

Brownstone in the Suburbs Library Wall with Navy Paint

We love this room with the electric fireplace and rough edge mantel. The books on the upper right are my cookbooks. It’s a relaxing space to look at dinner ideas before settling on this go-to meal.

The dining room is across from the living room. It is the room you see when come up from the front door.

The centerpiece under the chandelier is a wreath I. I put it on top of my growing collection of cake plates.

I shared this hallway on Instagram earlier this week. Elliott was in a Monday mood.

The family room should be nicknamed the closet because this is where I find sweatshirts, socks, baseball caps, and tennis shoes on any given day.

The little brass tag is attached to this DIY ornament.

Every year we switch up where we put our freshly cut tree. This year we put it in the family room next to the kitchen so I could see the lights while I sort through emails and hug my freshly poured coffee.

I do not go crazy in the kitchen because I do not want a bag of flour or a cup of sugar to crash land onto the garland. If you see branches in a vase chances are I got them from here.

This simple island tray is back and so is my seasonal tiered tray on the kitchen table. That is a Santa hat shaped cookie jar from Homegoods. You know I have a love-hate relationship with Homegoods.

And based on your comments I am not alone!

Thank you for stopping by today! I would love it if you pinned this image for others to find me too!

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