I looked around the basement, with strewn boxes, grapevine wreaths and embroidery hoops from this craft and I ask how did I get here? I blame my online manic or panic purchases during the pandemic. In my home lanterns, throws and wreaths were as essential as a 12-pack of Charmin or an 8 count of Bounty paper towels. Here are five of my favorite year round decor staples.


The best part about these favorite decor ideas is they work for all seasons and holidays. With a list of go-to decor basics I know longer shop minelessly or buy trending accessories.


If you have been a reader of Everyday Edits for a hot minute you know my go-to staple is a metal bucket. I shared the secret to decorating with buckets.

And like most of my glass or metal accessories, it is only a matter of time for they get a coat of spray paint.


  • Sturdy
  • Portable
  • Can be repainted
  • Year round use and ideas
  • Easily transition to seasons and holidays
  • Stackable for storage


Wreaths on front doors tell us a lot about someone! It’s one of the items I suggest to sellers before listing their homes. Wreaths work for all seasons. I wish I had figured this out 15 wreaths ago. Wreaths add an unexpected pop of color and I can switch up the theme with ribbon, decor, and petite wood signs introducing the holiday.

Try adding one to your garage entry door!



I love lanterns. They remind me of Little House on the Prairie. They warmed the hearth and lead the way to the barn during a Minnesota blizzard. Lanterns add warmth to an entry or kitchen. Here are a few other ideas for lanterns:

  • kitchen islands or sinks
  • entry table
  • sofa table or console
  • porches and patios (my favorite during the holidays).


I love small lamps in unexpected places. They warm up a room or space where overhead lighting is just too much. Think laundry rooms or apartment-size entries with a lamp on a tiny table.

Target has an affordable selection of petite lamps like this one .

Goodwill is a great resource for lamps if you like the thrill of the hunt!


Look around your house do you have throws? Are they folded on the side of a sofa arm or are they shoved into a basket behind the couch (like mine). Do you still have the pillows that came with your sofa? Or the four-pack of Costco pillows that feel like your head is resting on a trampoline when you settle in for PBS or Netflix?

Pillows add a pop of color to a couch or chair. I keep a pillow in my office chair to remind me to sit up straight. And then there are window coverings to add warmth to a wall of windows.

I was amazed at how much these patterned pillow covers I found on Etsy changed the look of my swivel chairs.

And look how the same chair when I added a pillow for Halloween.

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Let me know your favorite decor staples! Something tells me this list is going to grow!

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  1. I enjoy all of these too! I’ve come to realize that we don’t need lots of different and new things all the time. Having these staple items that we really love can be used in so many ways.

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