This month is all about summer decorating ideas for the home. I decided to focus on dresser decor ideas in the entryway. Of course, these decor ideas work on side tables and bookcases!


Last year I moved our twenty-year-old Pottery Barn outlet dresser to our entry.

It fits perfectly in our entryway and is a central location for batteries, lightbulbs and candles. I stash a pair of scissors to break down those brown boxes!

Dresser Ideas for the Entry
summer dresser decor ideas for the entryway

But, after a year with the same bucket filled with floral stems, I was ready to mix it up.


  • Clay pots
  • Plants, moss
  • Risers
  • Wood containers


I have a stash of clay pots in our garage and this side yard. I found clay pots at Hobby Lobby and they are much cheaper than the ones at Home Depot. After working with both I prefer the painted clay pots over the au natural.

Do you have an opinion about clay pots? I bet you have never answered this question!

Dresser Decor Ideas for Summer


I bought mini plants at Target like these and use them all the time! They also look good in windows without a view.

Summer Dresser Decor in the Entry
Entry Ideas with a Dresser

I love to use greenery because it looks so good against stained wood and mixed metals. I used moss-covered decorative orbs and these petite grapevine wreaths.



I love the elevated heights on the dresser, but did not have anything close to this inspo photo so I improvised with one of my favorite wood and metal crate. I tucked clay saucers at the bottom to add a little height.

Dresser Decor Ideas for Summer

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How to Decorate a Dresser for Summer

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  1. Cindy@CountyRoad407 says:

    I would be asking myself the same thing – where do I drop the mail! LOL. I love how your entry dresser turned out. Wasn’t this one fun?! Hope you have a great summer. pinned

  2. I’m sure you love having that dresser in your entryway; wonderful storage and it looks great! The little caddy is so cute; looks great with clay pots and greenery. Now you’re ready for summer:)

  3. Laura, I love your wood and metal market basket!! It has such a rich presence with the dark stain and dark metal… Looks perfect atop the Pottery Barn dresser filled with those pots and plants!! I do love pots and have some, but they are always holding stuff out in the shed! My goal is to one day have some lovely smaller English pots for flowers, the ones with the straight sides and stamped with the maker’s mark on their sides… sigh!!!

    That and I LOVE English pots with a basket weave pattern. I have a number of large and medium terracotta Italian pots and those are planted with rose bushes, boxwood and a type of small holly. You should have seen some of the beauties which went to a friend’s home in California… I miss those gorgeous ones! I had a white one with cherubs, and just ones we don’t see here in Texas.

    Anyway, pinned as always!! Enjoy your lovely entryway!
    Barb 🙂

  4. This is just so cute. I love it. Hugs to you, my friend.

  5. Great post Laura. I enjoyed your interpretation of Michelle’s display. The basket is just adorable.
    I too love terracotta pots. Honestly, I love them in all colors, natural, aged, and painted.

  6. What a clever idea to use the wood slat basket to hold your plants. Love it.

    1. I love that little Decor Steals find from years ago! Thank you Marty!

  7. So cute Laura, I love that little crate! I have some of those Target potted plants too!

    1. Hi Cindy,
      That crate is a Decor Steals from years ago! I love the wood and metal combo! xo

  8. Laura, I love your wood and metal crate. It works so well with your beautiful chest. The greenery works so well with the terra cotta pots. Happy weekend.

    1. Thank you Carol! Me too! It is a Decor Steals find from years ago!

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