The next best thing to a garage sale is when your friends/ neighbors clean out their basement, garage, and/or yard. One of my close friends had a long-forgotten raised garden bed leaning against the side of their house. Waiting patiently.


When they decided to downsize and move I walked their house and yard for suggestions on what to clear out before I listed their home. It can be emotionally overwhelming and expensive when you skip this step and “deal with it later.”

But this garden bed was on the side of their house that faced ours so we saw it but our friends forgot about it sitting in the shade, tired and disheveled.

In the days leading up to their cross-country move, we walked the yard and I asked about the garden bed. When my friend said she forgot all about it and there was no room in the truck I offered to store it in my yard to get it out of the way.

I had no plans to keep it and told her I would put a free sign on it and wait for the pickers!

By the time my son and I carried it across the two yards and into our backyard, I was regretting the offer. It was lopsided the wheels were clunky. It was now taking up space and adding clutter to our side yard.


It wobbled, but it had good bones. I tightened the screws and instantly improved its posture. Then, I got an idea. With a measuring tape in hand, I scurried like a field mouse between the backyard and our front porch.

The garden bed yard garden cart measurements were a match for our narrow front deck.

Do you remember when I lost my wedding ring? Well, I had just moved this to our deck and was adding mulch to the garden bed.

For years I tried to grow the herb basics, but I would forget to water or the deer and bunnies would visit the herb mid-day buffet.


Our deck is off our family room and can only be accessed by the French door in the family room. It offers privacy, views, and no stair access for wildlife. It is a little oasis and the orientation provides plenty of sun. But most importantly I can see the garden bed through the windows and now I remember to water it daily.

This rickety, tired, forgotten garden bed, gifted by my friend, gave me a garden with cilantro and basil and thyme. I love it and I think of her every time I step onto the deck to tend to the garden.

What a gift! I sent her pictures and told her how much I love it. It was one less thing they had to ship or take to the dump.

So if you have friends or neighbors who are downsizing or making plans to move or just spring or fall cleaning you may want to inquire. One person’s trash is another neighbor’s treasure.

YOu never know what wobbly furniture or tired bench might need a repurposed life in your house.


Did you know Costco carries elevated garden bed carts online?

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  1. Andrea Nine says:

    What a find. Raised beds are the BEST!

  2. That’s so awesome! What a perfect find for you and I’m sure they are happy it went to a good home and has another life!

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