I did not set out to help women with hot flashes with this collared shirt hack. But hot flashes sounded better than collared shirt hack for sweaters.

So when I witnessed a friend experience a hot flash (I thought she was signaling for me to turn on the A/C).

I decided maybe a few people would appreciate my attempt at a collared shirt hack for hot flashes or for people like me who sweat in an air-conditioned office. I refer to myself as a heavy sweater.

It is also a repurpose project because it works for shirts that may be a little too tight under a sweater.

Personally, I do not like the bulk of a long-sleeved collared shirt under a sweater. I have broad shoulders and it just feels snug. And with this frustration, I ended up with this hack.

Some of you may be screaming at the screen telling me to buy a Dicky, which is in the form of a detachable collar or false blouse front. I purchased these collars and decided I like the feel of an undershirt for the warmth-just not the bulky sleeves.


Disclaimer: Before I share the steps just know I am not a seamstress and I rarely use a tape measure. I tend to just eyeball it. I am married to a guy who measures 13 times and uses graph paper.

So here we go! I used a TJMaxx blue gingham, long-sleeved collared shirt. I loved this shirt, so I knew I would love it under a spring sweater. If this hack was an epic fail well I had a good run with this gingham print.

If my mom is reading this her mouth just dropped.

Long sleeve collared shirt hack
  • Place long sleeve, collared shirt on a flat surface. I do love this shirt. Look at those starched collars! So there was a brief minute of hesitation. Never hesitate.

  • Using a pair of scissors I cut the long sleeves. It sounds a little bit like Dexter Morgan, but why throw a shirt away when the collar can still take center stage.

In more shocking news I did not hem the frayed, lopsided shorter sleaves.

Who would ever know? And the freedom to move my shoulders freely under layers of clothing during Colorado springs felt amazing.

Or, if you want to skip the hack here are a few of my sleeveless collared shirts in my closet!

Here is the false collar front option mentioned above.


SO all you hot flashers or sweaters let me know if this collared shirt hack works for you or pin for later!

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  1. What a great idea, Laura! Thankfully photoflashes are (mostly) behind me but I’ll never forget that awful feeling. And also feeling trapped by my clothes. I love short sleeves anyway … although its debatable whether or not I should be wearing them. But that’s another topic! I love this idea and they look so chic too. I’m off to find my hand weights and do a few arm exercises!!! xo

  2. Great idea! I was looking at gingham dickies the other day. 🙂

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