My secret is out now! I bought 1/2 of the furniture for our living room living at Home Goods. You guys you are going to freak out with the before and after photos. I never spent time in the furniture section so imagine my surprise when I ended up finding our living room furniture from Homegoods.


Not only are my two new white chairs from HomeGoods. I switched out the matching Crate and Barrell club chairs for the two white chairs that cost less than one of the chairs from C&B.

Did you catch all that?

In other news, the club chairs broke up with each other. One is now in my husband’s now permanent home office and the other chair resides in our bedroom. They were just too bulky for our living room.

This Marlowe chaise is the anchor of the room and has the best views outside the window.


The direction of my living room changed when I purchased white/grey matching chairs at HomeGoods.

Never have I been so reckless.

I passed on the same chairs two weeks ago and blamed it on my first visit to HomeGoods after our staycation.

Homegoods living room chairs

So when I spotted one of the upholstered white chairs over the weekend I felt this sense of regret that I did not purchase them on my first voyage back to HomeGoods.

Again, it felt weird on that first return visit.

And, now I had missed out on the set.

And, then, you already know what happened. When I spotted the second, identical chair I texted my husband (one advantage of working from home).

He liked them enough to grab a cart and haul them up to the front.

We unloaded them into the living room where they acclimated to their space. I did nothing until I had the house to myself for 43 minutes to arrange the chairs and move this painted hutch.

The chairs were love at first placement. And, they are so comfortable and more importantly they belong. They are a mix of girly and sturdy, like me. They belong in my living room.

The third chair (the navy one in the niche) is an even crazier story because I found it on clearance two days before Denver went into stay-at-home orders by the Governor.


I found the chair at Marshall’s. You guys, I have never bought furniture from either store until this spring. I actually bought it as a staging piece for a new listing, but I “stored” it in my living room.


Have your found furniture at HomeGoods?

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  1. Jo Ann Davidson says:

    Yes, I have! I found my husband a modern looking recliner that is in his “man cave”. I found a slipper chair for our family room which, when I texted a picture to my interior designer, she said GRAB IT!. I also found another side chair for our living room. I love Home Goods!

  2. Laura- Your home is breathtaking!! I would never leave this room…I’d be sitting under that big window all day!!

  3. We bought our 4 kitchen chairs and 2 armless ones for the LR. It is surprising what you can find sometimes!! Your LR looks wonderful

    1. Thank you Linday for stopping by! Happy Day! laur

  4. I love all of the blue and white and I love Home Goods! I haven’t been since March☹️

  5. Wow! What great finds … those white chairs are perfect in your living room. Love the chaise too. Six months ago I would have been shocked, but during that time I bought and love a fabulous chair from Home Goods and its every bit as comfortable as the pricier Pottery Barn version. Who knew?! Well, I guess we do now! Beautiful room. xo

  6. You found some amazing pieces! I love the legs on your upholstered chairs! I’m such a sucker for legs!!!

  7. Your living room looks terrific! We don’t have HomeGoods or Marshall’s. Now when I visit a city who has these stores, I must shop!

  8. The new chairs are gorgeous and look beautiful in your living room! I too found living room chairs at HomeGoods, and bought them on a whim! Since then, everyone wants to know where they’re from!

  9. Laura, I’ve been there! I see the pieces at Homegoods and think, “Oh but the quality isn’t there!” so I pass. Then the regret sets in and I too have gone back. We found a custom made upholstered day bed that would have cost $8,000 (I looked at the manufacturer’s website), for $1,000 at Homegoods. It WAS great quality. So, I’m with you! Love your choices, Ali.

  10. Homegoods sells the best stuff! Love the blue and white!

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