Can you believe we are in the middle of spring? As much as Colorado needs rain I am ready for warmer temps and not wearing my favorite pom hat while watching Netflix. So this is the season to bring out my DIY lemon tiered tray. This is my go-to tiered tray but I have my eye on this one. My girlfriend found the cutest one at Costco, but by the time I got there, they were gone. Did you know if you miss out on a Costco find it maybe at Costco online?

Who does not love lemons? Real or fake it makes no difference to me. Yellow is a refreshing pop of color for spring and summer.

This time of year I have a basket full of lemons (and limes) to sweeten my tea and bubbly water. In fact, lemon water keeps me on track with this goal (after the holidays).


The best part of using a few real lemons is my kitchen smelled like fresh lemons. I am usually in such a rush to toss a lemon wedge in my water, I never stop long enough to smell … the lemons. #wink

lemon tiered tray centerpiece



The anchor to my lemon centerpiece was the new tiered tray I purchased here.

I used a combination of fresh lemons, artificial lemon branches and glass jars for my lemon centerpiece.

What I love about a tiered tray for a kitchen centerpiece are the layers. I started with a stash of lemon branches.

lemon tiered tray centerpiece

My challenge was to find a smaller vase to insert into my mason jar. I did not have “nesting vases” so I had to wing it with a small glass milk jar (from a garage sale) and a mason jar. The mason jar was a little too big for my tiered tray so I could not add fresh flowers to the center of the two vases.

But that was okay because the fresh lemons and water were both pretty and made the kitchen smell lemony fresh.

And, for a fun add-on to my centerpiece, I added this Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy wood block. I may have added a leftover gingham cardboard box from this project.

While searching online I found this adorable lemon watercolor print! It would look great in a kitchen! I might order after my spending hiatus.

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  1. Such a cute tiered tray grouping. I love the lemon themed block. Happy summer served on a tray!

  2. I love it. Your vase looks like a fresh glass of lemonade. Your tiered tray is adorable too. I love the little sign.

  3. Tricia Becker says:

    I love the look of all of this! The blue, white, and yellow is a great color combo too!

  4. Each element on your tray is fun and they come together beautifully. Now I want to go make a glass of lemon water.

  5. Julie Briones says:

    Such a pretty, lemony tiered tray, Laura! Lemon is a lovely fragrance, isn’t it?

  6. You can’t go wrong with lemon themed decor for summer! I really like your new tiered tray!

  7. Your crown of lemons is a great way to use our inspiration on your tiered tray. The sign is adorable as well!

  8. Such a great idea to use a glass and tiered tray Laura! I love how it turned out. Thanks so much for joining us. Enjoy that lemony kitchen scent! Pinned

    1. Thank you Cindy! You are a great hostess for this monthly challenge. I have so enjoyed getting to know these women.

  9. Hi Laura! I love that you used your new tiered tray for your centerpiece. That’s what I really like about these Pinterest Challenges ~ you just make it your own and use what works for you. <3 It's very pretty and I love the "easy peasy." (I borrowed it from Cindy, 407). The greenery and lemons plus the cute blue/white checks are really pretty together…

    Enjoy your centerpiece and yes, I cannot believe in just a few days it is August…
    Barb 🙂

  10. Laura, I love how you used the tiered tray. The lemons in water floating was a lovely idea. I bet your kitchen does smell wonderful.

    1. Hi Carol, This tiered tray is my new favorite accessory.

  11. Your styled tiered tray with lemon decor is so adorable for summer! I love lemon water and yours looks so refreshing and I know it smelled so good! The cute gingham box adds a fun pop of summer blue too.

    So fun hopping with you! Enjoy the rest of summer!

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