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Last Minute Spring Centerpieces

Centerpieces play a big part in our dining rooms, entries, and kitchen tables. They set the mood or theme like a Pinata. The bar was low at our house when our kids were growing up. Our dining room was more likely to have a tennis racquet or a 12-pack of Charmin on the 7 1/2′ table.

As our nest emptied with college, study abroad, and first jobs, our dining room table was bored with seven feet of space and no purpose.

Our table needed a little fun. I love to create no-fuss centerpieces that can be repurposed into a different centerpiece with a few tweaks.



Let’s take a look. The only thing you need to know about me is I like quick, pretty and simple centerpieces. I am also thrifty so once I come up with an idea I duplicate it for other holidays and seasons.

Here are my staples for super easy centerpieces


Wreaths are the easiest centerpiece because they do all the work. And, you can pop a candle in the wreath’s middle and you have soft lighting.

It is a buy-one-get-two-uses type of purchase.

Here is a grapevine wreath as a base with strands of garland clover ( you know the stuff at the bottom of the seasonal storage bin).

. It looks like it came in from a blustery day. I call it an earthy centerpiece vibe for a casual table.

For this wreath-turned centerpiece, I added faux carrots I found at Hobby Lobby and the dollar-ish section at Target.

The wreath went from the door to the table for Easter Sunday brunch.


If you saw my Easter centerpiece there is nothing easier than a glass vase or hurricane. Just fill it and forget it. The glass makes the table feel lighter, not so heavy.

The perfect look for spring.

I made this centerpiece in the amount of time it takes to unseal a plastic gallon-size bag and dump the speckled eggs into the center of a wreath or in a hurricane or glass pitcher.

Speaking of glass pitchers…

This is a good reminder to rethink your serving accessories as decor. If you have a glass water pitcher that sits in your hutch and comes out to a party or a family brunch get it out of the pantry.

Fill it with oranges, limes, and lemons for a fun centerpiece.



Tulips in a mason jar (or your favorite seasonal flowers) make a beautiful centerpiece.


What says spring more than fresh herbs? Create a cute centerpiece for an outdoor table. Grab three types of herbs and wrap in brown paper bags.


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