last minute Halloween decor
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Boo! You now know the extent of my creepy side (for Halloween). I go all in on pumpkins, pumpkins and acorns. And then I add a ghost or two in October. The thing about this holiday is it is inside a season. Okay, when I proofread this sentence I realized every holiday sits inside one of the four seasons. This year I want to share a few last-minute ideas Halloween decor


And the best part of these decor ideas? They do not take up your time or storage space.

Of course, I cannot help but smile when I see these guys chillin’ in my front yard ( a gift from my SIL and nieces last year! But I do have a storage tub (or two) of Halloween decor collected over the years.


Because Halloween is crammed in between fall and Christmas I prefer to use what I have around the house and garage. Here are a few go-to staples for all holidays and seasons.


  •  Halloween theme wine bottles
  • dead branches
  • cheesecloth  (I found Walmart had the best deal for non-food cheesecloth)
  • small recycled jars or glass bottles
  • googly eyes (in the craft supply aisle at Michaels or Hobby Lobby.
  • lanterns
  • spray paint  found at Walmart 
  • any decor item that has a Halloween color vibe (think purple, green, black, orange)


Now comes the fun part. I have some wine bottles with Halloween themes.

I found this galvanized house at Homegoods (before my Homegoods hiatus). And a bottle of wine tucks neatly into one of the “interior rooms.”
Sidenote: I just remembered I was going to spray paint this galvanized house. Boo!

I added these fairy lights to tuck into the house for a little glow on the kitchen counter.

Tealights would work too!

Cheap Halloween Decor Ideas

Next, I shopped my kids’ “treasures.” Remember this story when our Australian Shepherd ate Christmas?

I found one of my daughter’s ceramic, kiln-dried bowl/vase/catch-all crafts from elementary school and the color was perfect for Halloween.

Apparently, her kiln-dried vase was too much for Tanner.

So I added it to my little Halloween corner in the kitchen. It just added a little color and height.


I love spray paint for last-minute crafts! My garage is filled with 1/2 empty cans of Rustoleum. So I grabbed a few dead branches and got to work.

Tip: Chewy boxes make great spray paint boxes.

I just set my items in there, and raise the side lids before I spray.

It is also a way to use those almost empty Rustoleum cans.

Instant centerpiece with fall stems and dead branches!

last minute Halloween decor


I love lanterns! And a coat of spray paint can make them ready for any holiday or event. Yes, sometimes I spray right over the windowpanes. It usually depends on two things:

  1. Time
  2. Did I pack my patience?
Decor Staples for Halloween Ideas


I rarely pass on a Trader Joe’s bottle regardless of the contents. This time of year Trader Joe’s and Sprouts have cute cider bottles.

I hope you were inspired by these simple, repurposed ideas. I would love it if you pinned to your boards or signed up for the Weekend Edit – a Saturday morning newsletter that recaps projects you might have missed.

last minute Halloween decor

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