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It is time boys…


My boys are still home for winter break. It is time. I am ready for them to start the new semester.

I popped my head into their rooms the other day and there was no distinction between the clean and dirty clothes.

Apparently, the dirty clothes baskets may contain clean clothes too. The logic escapes me, but my younger son went into detail on the time saving measures.


Their bedrooms are mirror images of each other, separated by the Jack & Jack bathroom we recently renovated.


I wish I had taken more pics of their bathroom before they returned home for the holidays. It may never sparkle like it did when I shared this post.


It is the strangest thing. My boys can assemble a 44 piece Wayfair storage rack while watching a pro-bowl but they have not figured out how to replace an empty toilet paper roll.

The other one’s trashcan is full and I am not sure he knows how to empty it.

It is time boys

I thought about taking photos but if you have big boys you already know what a bedroom looks like after four weeks of a break. The current state of their bathroom resembles the before photos of their college bathroom remodel.

It is time to send my lefty and my righty back to school.

They are ready.

And, you know what is a good thing even though it may be something I regret thinking out loud and writing in my diary also known as Everyday Edits dot co.

I am ready too.

You are ready.


One of them begins the second semester of his junior year. He awaits internship news for the summer while the other one tries to rack up participation points so his squad can improve their odds in the housing lottery this spring.

One of them will organize his bags like Marie Kondo. The other one will toss his mix of clean and dirty laundry into a trash bag if security (or mom) would allow it.

They do not share the same interest in music or organizational systems.

But what they share, along with their sister, are the best parts of the young men they have become: compassion, leadership, discipline, integrity and grit.

I am so proud of the young men they have become. And their sister who has kept them in line from the beginning played a huge role in their success. She set the bar high.

I know they will make a difference in other people’s lives.

My boys are ready to trudge through the months of January and February with the commitments and balance of college tennis and academics.

They are ready.

Thank you, boys, for sharing your hearts, feelings, observations, opinions and dirty laundry (no pun intended) with your parents this holiday season.

It is time; my boys are ready.

And, I am ready too.

Love you both to the moon. Super Target and back.

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  1. I know how that feels! We had both kids home for an extended break this year but I think we were all starting to get antsy for them to get back. College Girl went last week to start her co-op job which felt early for college but she was ready!

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