Happy Weekending! Thank you to our military and their families. We fly our flag for you! I debated about sharing this frustrating age-related scenario. No, it’s not that …So here it goes! Lately, one of my go-to catchphrases or comments, in the middle of any story, is… “What was I saying” or “I forgot the point of this story.” I mean seriously, a complete blank.

And yet, I remember that one of my best friends only bakes with Land of Lakes Butter.

But I cannot remember:

  • the title of the last book I read
  • where I left my “insert any object”
  • my last 3 Amazon purchases (until I did)?
  • what was the other thing I needed at Kroger, Costco, or Home Depot?
  • Raise your hand, comment, text, or email me the last thing you forgot?!

And wouldn’t this be a fun dinner or Thanksgiving conversation (I am working on a list of ideas for fun table conversations for … the holidays!

What was I saying?

I shared a special story in today’s Weekend Edit so I hope you scroll below to read about the handmade bookcase.

And scroll below for our favorite new show!




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  1. Lyn Stewart says:

    As I approach 80 (6 months) my only comment to you is – there is so much much more!

  2. Oh, my friend….lol! I don’t know your age but I’m 63 and I’ve had memory issues all of my life. A face? I’ll never forget it. But the name that goes with that face? Nope. Of course, if I know someone really well their name will eventually stick. It makes for some interesting conversations when I come home and try to tell my husband about the person that we or he knows that I met while I was in town. If I’m in luck, that person has a dog or cat that I’ve met…can’t remember the human’s name but I can always remember the name of the pet. Odd, no? I can’t remember my driver’s license number but I can give you the price of almost anything you’d need to pick up at the grocery store. I can go from the front of the house to the back of the house and get there with no clue about what I was going to do or get in that room. But my memory for colors is phenomenal. I can match a piece of fabric or paint to something in someone’s home that I haven’t been to in years. Weird, right? Books…
    I give you a complete rundown of the story. I can close my eyes and describe the cover of the dust jacket….but can’t see the title of the book nor the author’s name that’s written on it. Memory is strange. You can recall more easily something from twenty years ago than where you laid your keys down twenty minutes ago. I recall reading a psychology article some years back that explained that as we get older our memory banks start becoming crowded and short term memory gets the short end of the stick so to speak.

    As to the last thing I forgot, well, that would be the two packs of blueberries that I forgot in the back of the car and found three days later. Sigh.

  3. I forget what I watch on TV each evening by the next day. Still, I think there isn’t anything wrong with my memory, other than age. I’ve read several articles saying that it’s not uncommon for people to easily forget minor things like names, titles, or books and such, and other items. Don’t worry.
    I love cherries and this dessert looks scrumptious.
    What a wonderful story about the bookcase. I’m happy you found a place for it.
    Karen B.

  4. I find I am forgetting the names of famous people–movie stars, athletes politicians, etc. Their names will eventually pop back into my mind but it is frustrating to not recall them right away.

    Love your grandfather’s homemade bookcase story. It fits perfectly in that space.

    We finished watching the series endings of Better Call Saul, The Marvelous Ms Maisel, and Succession. We got hooked on Ted Lasso this winter and binged on that show. I’m old enough to remember Julia Child cooking on PBS when I was a child, I think I got my love of cooking from watching her and also Paul Prudhomme’s cooking shows.

  5. Ha! I’m with you Laura … I know I read a good book, and watched a great show … but I can’t tell you the name of either! xo

    1. I will be in mid-sentence and then total mind blank. Thank you Juliet!

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