Well, this is a four-year draft I found while cleaning up my  50 + saved blog drafts. I wrote this four years ago when I blinked. 


Dear Diary, We leave this weekend to take my son (my lefty) to college. With six checked bags and just as many trips to Ikea and Bed, Bath & Beyond it will be a long, humidity filled few days. I wanted to share a few moments captured over the years. I blinked. 

Although the photos are my memories, the emotions and feelings of mothers are universal. Perspective and gratitude are close to my heart as our middle child begins this new chapter. 

Our son is ready. Um.. we will get there too!

I have a huge list of to-do’s when we return from the “drop off” at his mid-west university. But on this day I realize I did what all mothers do …

I blinked…

I turned around…

We washed this blue Gap sweatshirt 3,432 times. Oh and that was a Blues Clues cake. Whatever happened to Steve? 

That one time, you asked, “What dat?” when we introduced you and your sister to your forever baby brother. And, then you fought over him with your sister, nearly pulling him off the side of the couch.

that hair…..

That time you were mad and you …

“Erich, did you just tell your little brother there is no Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and Leprechaun in one sentence?”

…the bond with your siblings is just beginning.

Always throw mom under the bus if it means the three of you can stay close and share a few laughs. 

Remember that time your sister showed you the benefits of a good skincare regimen? Your younger brother maintained his facials when he ordered this on our Amazon account

… never give up… hard work yields lessons that will last a lifetime … 

Remember that year you won two state championship titles …

that competitive drive will translate to new chapters and goals. 

erich-tennis-state champion

the man who showed you what integrity, perseverance and kindness look like …

If you want to know a man’s character; look at how he treats God’s creatures…

I blinked

I believe in you and love you unconditionally. Unconditionally. Trust your instincts, show kindness and respect to yourself and to the greater glory of God. 


Eat, sleep, study and have fun. You will make lifelong friends in college. Text me once every few days; but no less than every three days.  


I will inevitably have an ugly cry moment when I give you that dorm room hug and goodbye.

But, your dad and I will be okay. We certainly don’t want you living at home this fall.

Trust me, I have a list of DIY projects to keep your dad busy between now and Thanksgiving.

You are ready…

I can’t wait to watch you from the sidelines and bleachers. 

My middle is now a senior in college. He called us the other day to tell us he is having his best year ever! 

Knoxville, TN Remote Area Medical Internship

Before you go here are a few gift ideas for the adulting kids in your life. 

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  1. This is making me tear up as I know I’ll be doing this with my “baby” next year. I’m going to try and savor all of the “lasts” this year has to offer. Good luck to you all this weekend!!!!

  2. Catherine says:

    Yes it all goes by too quickly. That is why Grandchildren are so special, by then we know it doesn’t last long. What a gorgeous boy and now handsome young man he is. We only have a loan of them for a short time x

  3. What a wonderful young man you have raised! Prayers for both of you in this new chapter…and have fun with that to-do list!

    1. Ha! I updated it since it was published than put back in my drafts to update… four years later!

  4. This is my favorite post! Erich holds a very special place in his autie’s heart. I love him more than he will ever know, and I am prouder of him than I could ever express. Thanks for raising such a wonderful young man, Laura and Rod!

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