We bought our house when Tuscany was a reference to decor and not a region. Tuscany was to 2002 like Farmhouse is to 2018. We painted every wall in shades of brown and embraced granite tiles! Let that be a warning to Shiplap.

One of the many things we loved about our home was the dual-sided fireplace in the finished basement. It was like a 2-for-1 fireplace special. But with 12×12 tiled squares surrounding the fireplaces, it was time for a fireplace update with stone. Here is how to update a fireplace with stacked stone.



If your fireplace has the 12×12 tile squares it might be time for a fireplace refresh.

Realtor tip: It is also a good idea to have your fireplace serviced annually. Ask your Realtor for a list of referrals.


We opted to start with the basement fireplace because if we screwed it up fewer non-family members would see the fireplace fail in the basement!

On those days when I feel like my home improvement wish list is so long, this photo reminds me of how far our house has matured over the years; just like us. #wink

You knew there would be a before-the-stacked stone photo.

Before the Stacked Stone Fireplace


We decided to take on this project ourselves when my husband found this product at Home Depot. For the convenience factor (and back-saving measures), we ordered a pallet of the stacked stone panels and shipped it to our driveway.

We chose 6″ x 24″stacked stone panels because they were easier to handle, cut and apply. You can order the panels in different lengths and widths depending on your project.

best basement decision


  • We ordered 6″ x 24″stacked stone panels from Home Depot. Similar to these.
  • While we waited we removed the existing tile squares.
  • We used the backer board as the base before installing the stone panels.
  • The backer board was easy to apply with screws and it can be cut with a table saw.
  • We had a 2000-era niche or inset above the fireplace.
  • We installed the backer board to cover that inset before we added stone.

Because of the arch above the fireplace, we added 1×2 boards to secure the backer board. We used a stone application Thinset to adhere the stacked stone panels to the backer board.

how to update a fireplace with stacked stone in a weekend

How to Update a Fireplace with Stacked Stone | Before & After

We love the look!

This fireplace update was a weekend project from start to finish. I love the look and the results were impressive. We went with a dark gray, slate with subtle “whitewash.

We updated both sides of the dual-sided fireplace. It completely changed the look of our lower level. Both sides have the same stacked stone but the variation in the photos is because of the lighting.


We made those matching mantels for each fireplace. I shared the $75 mantel details here.

Thank you for stopping by today! Here is the best decision we made on our basement remodel.

PS I found this little blue truck at Hobby Lobby. I have them in pink and red.

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  1. Tina Schoepf says:

    Very pretty! Love the change. The new mantel is very nice! I’ve seen the materials at Lowe’s and wondered if it was as simple as it advertised, now I know I could do it for my fireplace! Thank you for sharing!!

    1. Tina, Yes it is very manageable and done in a day! Thank you for stopping by! laura

  2. Wow, soooo pretty ~ both mantels are now!!! I love stone and miss our stone veneer from our last home in California. There is just something about stones and mantels… I like that your fireplace is two-sided. We have a neighbor renting behind us in a duplex with a two-sided fireplace and what a nice feature to have!!

    Great job and I know you are enjoying the heck out of your “new” fireplace’s looks,
    Barb 🙂

  3. Such a gorgeous transformation Laura! You make it look so easy too! Pinned 🙂

  4. Wow! What a difference this made! Absolutely brilliant to cover th ackward niche with the backer board. Thanks for sharing in the Fabulous Friday Link Party. Pinned!

    1. Thanks Kristin for the invite! I shared it! laura

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