It finally happened. I was in the middle of a recipe when the recipe listed a 1/2 cup of toasted pecans. . In the past, I would have skipped over the word toasted and just tossed in the 1/2 cup of pecans.

I mean who would know? What happens in my kitchen stays in the kitchen (or in the trash bin)

Except the cranberries needed those toasted pecans. I could not screw up this recipe before the holidays. I searched a few sites and decided to make this my own. I had nothing to lose, but a cup of pecans.

Honestly, I went with the recipe that was easier to clean when finished. Visions of roasted pecans stuck to a baking sheet stumbled in my head. And the stove was quicker than waiting for the oven to warm.


  • I grabbed a saucepan and added a cup of chopped pecans.
how to toast pecans on the stove
  • Do not add cooking spray or oil to the saucepan
  • This next step relies on your sense of smell. Serioulsy.
  • When you smell the pecans roasting over a gas or electric stove, you will know.
  • You just know when they are ready. But if you are little like me in the kitchen my pecans started to smell like pecans roasting on an open gas flame after five to seven minutes.

If you are a frequent reader here at Everyday Edits you know my recipes tend to go off the rails like the episode where Rachel and her Thanksgiving recipe fiasco. It is the only thing I had in common with Rachel. I was more uptight like Monica.

I hope this helps you learn a new skill in the kitchen! Please pin this image for those that want to know how to toast pecans like a boss!

So easy!

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  1. Oh yum… I’m a nut for nuts and these look so delish. Hope you have a great week, Laura.

  2. I love pecans yet I never roasted them. I will try this soon!

    1. So easy! The biggest surprise was you don’t need to add anything to the pan! Thank you! Pat! Laura

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